Review: Charlie Puth’s “CHARLIE” Plays From Every Corner Of Love

Review: Charlie Puth’s “CHARLIE” Plays From Every Corner Of Love

Charlie Puth gives us a few painful reminders



If good music makes you sing, great music makes you feel. Some songs have lyrics that you mindlessly recite in the car; others force you into a corner and bring up memories you thought you had long ago buried. Charlie Puth’s CHARLIE belongs in the latter.


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CHARLIE has a total of 12 songs, and they form one rollercoaster of a ride. It covers every corner of a relationship and therefore touches a range of emotions and mindsets.


That’s Hilarious is for when you’re finally able to look back at your relationship and see it for the mess that it was. Charlie Be Quiet is that familiar feeling of trying way too hard to keep your emotions to yourself (for whatever reason—fear? Doubt? Stubbornness?). Light Switch embodies that frustration of being nothing and everything at once, and not being strong enough to turn the other way (or take the plunge).


There’s A First Time For Everything sounds like a jaded 30-year-old who just found out, “Hey, maybe I can love someone again.” Smells Like Me is equal parts petty, egotistical and honest; because who hasn’t spent the night wishing their ex-lover was equally awake staring at old photos or smelling an old hoodie? Left And Right (featuring Jung Kook of BTS) is every broken heart’s secret, and tells the truth of the sweet yet scarring cycle that comes with remembering.



Loser is that gnawing thought in your head and your heart telling you that you fucked things up; but how did it happen? When You’re Sad I’m Sad is everything you wish you knew how to say to that person stringing you along, the one you love too much to do what’s best for you. Marks On My Neck and Tears On My Piano (which are honestly the weakest in the album, in my opinion) illustrate those relationships you wish you could just forget, but you can’t because you were too naïve in letting them in.


I Don’t Think That I Like Her sounds like everyone who has ever tried to convince themselves that the feelings aren’t there or are only skin-deep, just because they aren’t reciprocated. (Harsh PSA: falling and being in love doesn’t require feeling it back.) No More Drama is that sweet, sweet relief when you realize, “Fuck it; it’s done, and I’m better for it.”


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The latest releases from Charlie Puth stand on their own—and maybe it’s best that they do. Listening to the album from start to finish might be a little confusing if you don’t keep your feelings in check. Those 30-some minutes will bring you up and down and back again before the chicken even thaws.



Listen to “CHARLIE” and have your heart broken and put back together by Charlie Puth. Brought to you by Atlanta Records, you can stream it now on Spotify



Art Mathew Ian Fetalver


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