For Your Consideration: Christmas Movies To Watch

For Your Consideration: Christmas Movies To Watch

There's nothing quite like a good set of Christmas movies



Despite the return to “normal” that we’re all experiencing right now—packed malls, roads and calendars—the holidays still feel a little off for me. The decorations are up, the gifts are wrapped and the songs are definitely playing, but it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas.


Enter my last resort to try and feel a transformation much like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas’: An influx of Christmas movies that I am forcing my family to watch in the days leading up to December 25. Sorry, dad, your re-run of all the James Bond films will have to wait.


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Love Hard

Unlucky in all things romantic, an LA-based writer falls for a guy on the East Coast that she meets on a dating app. Convinced that their connection could really be real, she flies in for the holidays to meet him—only to discover she’s been catfished.



Not your typical Christmas rom-com, but it definitely belongs in the digital age. Now if only that ending swung the other way…

A Castle For Christmas

When she has a full-on breakdown on national TV, a bestselling author makes her way to Scotland to reconnect with her late father. There, she falls in love with a castle—too bad there’s a grumpy duke that’s standing in her way.



Such a feel-good movie. And the actors involved will definitely give you the taste of nostalgia that you’re yearning for (or at least, I am).


A Boy Called Christmas

A boy called Nikolas sets out on an adventure in search of his father, who left to discover Elfhelm, a village of elves. And the adventure that awaits him? Nothing we could have ever hoped for.



If you’ve ever had difficulty remember the ~real~ history of Christmas, this is one hell of an alternative.


How To Ruin Christmas

Not to sound too biblical, but a protagonist goes home for the holidays and manages to ruin her sister’s wedding plans. Is it too late to make things right?



A series, so not technically a Christmas movie, but can’t relate to all this family drama during the holiday season?


Grumpy Christmas

A family makes their way to the beach to spend some quality time with each other during the holiday break, but everyone starts to get grumpy (and go overboard) when Servando and Alicia start a competition to control Christmas.



Yes, it’s another one about family drama and competition, but better to watch it than live it, amirite?



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All the titles above are (relatively) new, but if you have your heart set out on the classics, I suggest turning time to these Christmas movies:


Home Alone


The Holiday


Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas


The Santa Claus


I dare you to tell me that even the potential of these Christmas movies didn’t make you smile. And if they didn’t, well…then I dare you to watch them.



Art Macky Arquilla


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