Why Disney’s Christopher Robin Is A Tearjerker

Why Disney’s Christopher Robin Is A Tearjerker

Your favorite squad from the Hundred Acre Wood is back



While reading out these names one by one—Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Owl—did a specific episode or a scene pop up in your head? Or maybe you immediately thought, “That one’s my favorite character!” Likely so.


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Pooh Bear and his friends were some of our first few buddies growing up. Some of us might even remember wanting to have a Piglet to our Pooh, having seen how fun and adventurous the two of them were. Then comes a movie that will make us want to re-watch every single episode of the animated books and series we all used to love: Christopher Robin.


Here’s a little something about him: He’s the human friend of the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood and just like any other child, he had to go to school, basically live his life and grow up. That means a time came when he couldn’t play with them anymore. You get the idea.



The first few minutes of the movie gives us a short glimpse of how their friendship started and what changed, and flashforwards to a man who is working hard to support his wife and daughter. It's here that we evidently learn how different things became when Christopher stopped visiting the Hundred Acre Wood—both for him and his friends. The everyday play became more and more seldom, even for those who lived there. Then came the time when Pooh thought that everyone had left him because they were attacked by heffalumps, which is why he searched for his Christopher Robin again.


Hoping that everything would go back to the way it was years ago, Pooh tried to bring Christopher back to their old meeting place. But the expected fun reunion caused a confrontation that led to hurtful words that needed to be spoken. And it was then that Pooh realized Christopher Robin wasn't the same child he used to play with.


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Everybody expects the usual Disney film formula, a nostalgic movie that brings us back to our magical childhoods. This movie, however, tells more than just the story of friendship and adventure. It gives us life, literally. The movie will make you realize how different life is when you grow up, as you have to face work and family issues, and the challenges of making life decisions. It shows how relationships change through time and how time changes people. What you think matters now—what you think will always matter—might not make sense in 10 years. Priorities change as everything does, just as Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh's friendship faded as the years went by. Pooh might have been thinking about Christopher every single day that they were apart, but life just wasn't the same for the once-young boy.


Whether you see yourself a Christopher or a Pooh—the leave-r or the left, the mature or the stubborn—you can't help but face how the years have passed and how their passing has changed you and those around you. Sometimes you look around and suddenly realize just how far you've come or how far you haven't gone. Suddenly the things you once thought were your world just aren't anymore. And then you start reconsidering where you are and wondering how you got there. 


That said, the film indirectly tells us of the importance of friendship. Sounds cliché, yes, but it will leave you thinking about the people you consider friends now, and how you will still treasure them years after not seeing each other. Pooh is known to be a bear with a simple mind but Christopher Robin, in contrast, will show everyone why and how much we need to be more like him—big-hearted and will never forget friends even when they fail to remember you. It’s like watching a bromcom (bromance comedy) where an old friend makes you feel alive again and helps you realize your purpose—but instead of a bro, you meet a bear.


But just like all other Disney films, Christopher Robin is a must-see; a feel-good movie that will make you tear up a bit, but will leave your heart happy (as always).


Why Disney’s Christopher Robin Is A Tearjerker



Words Ayee Villalon and Adie Pieraz

Art Alexandra Lara

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