Coke Studio’s Sixth Season is a Celebration of New Talent

Coke Studio’s Sixth Season is a Celebration of New Talent

Artists and fans collaborate on a six-piece EP for Coke Studio Season 6



How do you like to enjoy your music? We often plug in our earphones when it’s crunch time. Having them on is the universal language for do not disturb. We listen to music on our daily commute, during our late-night study sessions, and even as we're winding down after a busy day of work.


For the resident audiophiles at Coke Studios, the best way to enjoy music is together and with a refreshing drink: a cold can of Coke. Through Coke Studio Philippines, the brand has been supporting the local music scene since its inception in 2017.


“It is the goal of Coca-Cola to refresh the world—[to] inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference,” says Cesar Gangoso, the Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific’s Frontline Marketing Director for the East Region.


The brand’s initiative has clearly been a success: Coke Studio has established itself as a music show with a steady stream of fans and listeners. This is the sixth year of the music program, and the show is set to release their sixth season with a whole new twist.


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With the Coke Fan Fusion challenge this season, fans join in on the fun. The show’s featured artists are a diverse set coming from a variety of musical genres. The main lineup includes Shanti Dope, The Juans, Arthur Nery, BINI, KZ Tandingan and Adie. With inclusivity in mind, Coke Studio selected these artists as they promote Filipino music while pushing the boundaries of creativity and sound.


The artists invited their fans to a Coke Studio Fan Fusion Challenge where they could “stitch” their own part to the artist’s incomplete song. Each artist had their own personal twist to the challenge which helped set the direction for the final song, and personally chose the individual/s they collaborated with.


This is the first time in the show’s history where fans get a chance to collaborate with these established artists, and get their music out to a bigger platform. The sixth season of Coke Studio will result in the release of an extended play (EP) of the six songs created by the artists and their fans.


Shanti Dope posed a rap challenge with the Filipino youth in mind. In collaboration with Aeron Acolan aka Rookie, they came out with the song Day Onez.



The Juans created a song with the theme of being madiskarte (strategic). Juanista Claire Brent Enriquez took part in co-writing their song, Diskarte.



In true Arthur Nery fashion, the artist invited his fans to create a love song with him, and the result is a song entitled Sinag, which features Sam Benwick.



BINI invited their BLOOMS to share their stories about body positivity through rap, and invited their fans to create a dance challenge as well. Together with BLOOMS, the collaboration resulted in their song entitled Love Yourself, with lyrics co-written by Ciena Operario.



KZ Tandingan gave a song prompt about perseverance and asked that her fans sing the line “‘di na makikinig sa sabi-sabi” in different styles, dialects and languages. She created the song Sabi-Sabi together with Pau Dimaranan.



Adie wanted to create a song that expressed their shared feelings towards their loved ones, and collaborated with Chrstn to create their song Tinatangi.



The sixth season of Coke Studio is a successful celebration of talent, and has connected people together to create great music. All the featured artists commended their fan-collaborators, amazed at their talent, passion and potential.


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The songs that the artists and fans collaborated on will be released in the upcoming Coke Studio episodes. They will be released on Youtube and Spotify on the following dates:


  • July 30: Shanti Dope’s Day Onez and Arthur Nery’s Sinag
  • August 6: BINI’s Love Yourself
  • August 13: The Juan’s Diskarte
  • August 20: Adie’s Tinatangi
  • August 30: KZ’s Sabi-Sabi


What song are you most excited about?



For more details, follow Coca-Cola Philippines on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.



Words Gwyneth King

Photos Coke Studio

Art Matthew Ian Fetavler

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