Concert Essentials To Let Your Inner BLINK Shine This Pink Weekend

Concert Essentials To Let Your Inner BLINK Shine This Pink Weekend

Dance the night away with the global K-pop sensations



A concert always feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, especially after jumping through the hoops of getting a ticket and making it to the venue. All of this becomes worth it when the lights dim and the first song starts. You feel the adrenaline that gets you through the entire show, singing (read: yelling) your heart out and dancing until your feet give up. As the two-day show of BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] MANILA inches closer, everyone’s ensuring JENNIE, JISOO, ROSÉ and LISA get a warm welcome and BLINKs reunite with their favorite girls. But allow us to argue: there’s nothing wrong with a few more preparations for a better concert experience. 


Up ahead, we provide you a checklist of concert essentials to make the most of the night.


Concert tickets


It’s no secret that in the middle of all the excitement leading up to the concert, some things get lost in between the stress and preparations. So to avoid hiccups and whatnot, concert tickets should be the first items to go inside your D-day bag.




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Official lightstick

For many a K-pop fan, there’s nothing better than seeing a whole stadium light up with the fandom’s official colors. Imagine a whole ocean of Hammerbongs blinking and changing colors in sync—it makes for a scenic and unforgettable memory. So don’t skip this because it’s best used when vibing to your favorite songs like As If It’s Your Last or Pink Venom.


Official merch

From shirts and BLACKPINK-inspired outfits to photocards, Shut Down the concert by going all out with your BLINK pride. Official merchandise has always been a great option, especially for times when you want to show off your BLINK spirit. Stay comfortable or go all-out with the drip—this is a concert essential everyone should have for D-day.


Power bank

Do we need to say more? We all use our cellphones almost 24/7, especially on concert night. Whether it’s to safekeep concert memories or to stay connected with loved ones, we all hate it when our batteries hit zero percent. So don’t run out of juice by keeping a power bank or battery pack in your arsenal.



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Filipino concertgoers are famous for singing full songs, but fanchants make the crowd even more energized and hyped for the entire night. Have them memorized before the concert so you know when (and how) to cheer for BLACKPINK. Plus, this is a great time to get familiar with the setlist. Who knows—that part of the night might just make it to the following Born Pink Memories (B.P.M.) rolls! 


P.S. Get ready to add “Walang uuwi (No one goes home)!” to your fanchants, too! 


Face masks, rubbing alcohol and extra toiletries

While everyone’s more than happy to come back to the live show scene after the pandemic, we all still need to stay careful and prepared. Packing concert essentials also means bringing things needed for unexpected emergencies. Wear face masks if you still want to protect yourself when it gets crowded. Rubbing alcohol, wet wipes and hand sanitizer come in handy when washing hands isn’t the immediate option. And most importantly, bring tissues—this long-awaited reunion might just move you to tears! 



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With these concert essentials tucked safely in your bags, BLINKs are definitely ready to show up and shut down the Philippine Arena. Ready to show the girls all the love?


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