Otakus Rejoice: Crunchyroll is Now Available In The Philippines!

Otakus Rejoice: Crunchyroll is Now Available In The Philippines!

Yes, you heard that right: Crunchyroll Premium



Gone are the days where anime fans had to (illegally) stream their favorite anime shows. We wonder how we ever did it: 20-minute episodes cut into three parts, some portions occasionally missing, all while squinting through the 240p resolution together with crappy Wi-Fi. Remember when we had to let the video “load” before we could play it all the way? It was either that or watching Animax on channel 46.


We’d rather leave those practices back in the 2000s. Y2K may be the hottest thing right now, but let’s keep it to fashion.


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Fortunately, the times have progressed—not only has anime become more accessible through (legitimate) streaming platforms, but anime’s rising popularity has allowed us closeted otakus to brandish our passions out in the open. The only thing is, we aren’t niche anymore 🙃 JUST KIDDING; we aren’t people to gatekeep our interests! With that said, we’ve got great news for you: Crunchyroll Premium is coming to the Philippines! The platform is a household name for all anime enthusiasts because of their extensive library of anime shows, as well as Japanese dramas and movies.


Globe is partnering with the platform to give its subscribers the Crunchyroll premium membership, which gives them access to unlimited ad-free viewing and simulcast episodes available one hour after premiering in Japan. The membership also entails theatrical and consumer products, and so much more!.


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We’re already dreaming about all the shows we’re gonna watch as soon as the weekend hits. Here’s how you can access Crunchyroll Premium Access with Globe.


There are different tiers of Crunchyroll Premium that Globe subscribers can access through the Globe One app, GCash or through SMS:

  • Fan Access (CRFAN) = 1 month ad-free fan access
  • Mega Fan Access (CRMEGAFAN) = 1 month ad-free mega fan access with offline viewing and access to four concurrent streams
  • Annual Fan Access (CR1YEAR) = 12 months ad-free mega fan access with offline viewing and access to four concurrent streams.


Here’s how to avail Crunchyroll Fan Access via SMS:

  • Postpaid and prepaid mobile Globe subscribers can purchase vouchers for as low as Php399 via SMS by texting CRFAN, CRMEGAFAN or CR1YEAR to 8080 to avail the Crunchyroll Premium subscription of their choice.
  • Globe Prepaid subscribers can also enjoy Crunchyroll by registering to any Go+ promos and choosing GoANIME from the freebies to get up to 25GB of extra data to stream their favorite anime titles.


Here’s how to avail Crunchyroll Fan Access via GCash:

  1. Go to the GCash app
  2. Click Buy Load
  3. Click Lifestyle Load
  4. Then Shop Lifestyle
  5. Select the mobile number you’re shopping for then press Next
  6. Click on Daily Deals
  7. Choose preferred Crunchyroll Access
  8. Complete the GCash transaction


Here’s how to avail Crunchyroll Fan Access via the GlobeOne App:

  1. If using postpaid, charge to bill. If using prepaid, charge to load
  2. Go to Offers, then Lifestyle
  3. Select preferred Crunchyroll access
  4. You will receive an SMS with voucher and link


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BRB, we’re busy purchasing access to Crunchyroll Premium 🏃 and re-opening our ‘to watch’ anime lists 🤓 Anime marathon, anyone?



Subscribe to Crunchyroll with Globe now and learn more about this promo at



Words Gwyneth King

Photos Globe

Art Pis Trinidad

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