The Story Behind Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids & Why We’re Looking Forward To It

The Story Behind Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids & Why We’re Looking Forward To It

Because it’s based on a true story, Dead Kids offers an added layer of intrigue 



It might still be in production, but Mikhail Red’s Dead Kids is already getting the attention of several local and international publications. So even now, months from its target release date, there’s a slow burning fire for another film from one of our favorite independent film makers. Call us eager beavers, but we’re thinking this might be another win for him.


There’s not much to know about the film as of late. The cast has been announced, there’s a snippet synopsis found on the film’s Facebook page and a few words from Red himself, but there isn’t a lot to go on—not unless you dig up one of our country’s strangest crime stories.


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First, there’s what’s on paper


The Dead Kids Facebook page, a few humble likes as of writing, describes the film as a “youth thriller-abduction.” It continues to lay the foundation by stating the story: “A group of high school misfits plans an elaborate kidnap-for-ransom plot targeting their school’s alpha jock who is also the son of a wealthy narco-politician.”


Okay, you officially have our attention.


Then, there’s the cast


A few days ago, Red and production house Globe Studios announced their official cast lineup. Everyone, say hello:



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A post shared by Mikhail Red (@red_mikhail)


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We know their names, but a cast this young doesn’t have the privilege of depending previous blockbuster hits—let alone an independent one. Fortunately, Red and writer Nikolas Red made adjustments to the script after seeing the auditions of Ramirez, Ramos, Paterson, larena, Miranda, Padilla and Silverio. This, if anything, will make it more believable.


And what Mikhail Red has to say about the film


What would a Mikhail Red film be without some social implications? Answer: not a Mikhail Red film. Like with Birdshot, you can bet that Dead Kids will have some themes underlying its general topic.


“I wanted to expose the entitlement and insecurities of a generation growing up in a country of extreme social disparity,” he said. “It is a crime story in the age of social media and a bleak vision of the Filipino youth's psyche; a commentary on the youth's views on masculinity, morality and vigilante justice paralleled with today's political climate.”


Again, you have our attention.


Lastly, there’s the real story


Last year, four students from known local colleges and universities were arrested for kidnapping a fellow student and demanding P30 million in ransom. Now we know that Dead Kids is just based on a story like this, but in fear of really spoiling it, we’ll leave the googling to you.


Seriously, “Student kidnaps fellow student” and you’re in.


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Dead Kids is targeting a December 2019 release date. We know it's a while away, but hey, maybe this will prove to be well worth the wait.



Art Alexandra Lara

Image via Facebook/DeadKidsFilm

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