Review: ‘DickTalk’ Is Weird But In The Best Way

Review: ‘DickTalk’ Is Weird But In The Best Way

I have never heard the word “tite” said so much



We talk a lot about gender equality here on Wonder. We have pieces on women taking up their space, on queer rights and toxic masculinity. So when we see a taboo topic like traditional machismo—and how to break these stereotypes—make its way to the local stage, we revel in it. Everyone, have you heard of DickTalk yet? Because I hope you have.



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DickTalk is about manhood, and how society has learned to measure it. Is it about how strong you are? Is it about how well you can bury your feelings? Is it about having the right physique? Is it about being born with a dick? For so long, the answers to these questions have been “yes,” but this theater play is here to change our understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes. 


One by one, actors take the stage to tackle a particular misconception. The concept might sound familiar, as DickTalk takes inspiration from The Vagina Monologues, a 1996 play narrated by a diverse group of women—each one talking about the feminine experience, sex, sex work, body image, love, menstruation and the like. But in this local iteration, we are introduced to five men: A teenager played by Gold Aceron, a transman played by Nil Nodalo, a sex worker played by Jake Cuenca, a metrosexual played by Mikoy Morales and an aging man played by Archi Adamos. 


They talk about virginity, about sexual orientation, about what it means to be a man in 2023. They question traditional roles and why we measure masculinity so strictly. In DickTalk, the audience is asked: Is this really how we define manhood? And if men don’t fit into these preconceptions, then what?



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DickTalk came from the mind of the production’s concept creator Edwin Vinarao and writers Ara Vincencio and Benj Cruz Garcia. It’s funny but impactful, awkward yet necessary. Because while I have never heard the word “tite” spoken so often and so loudly before, I have also never had the opportunity to hear a man speak so openly about (or even question) his masculinity. 


To put it simply: DickTalk is not just a well-produced, well-acted piece of theater. It’s relevant, and it’s crucial in today’s conversations. So why not be part of it? Join the DickTalk. 



“DickTalk” will be showing on various dates throughout April. For details and tickets, visit TicketWorld



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