Do Revenge Puts A Thrilling Twist To The Teen Movie Genre (And Delivers)

Do Revenge Puts A Thrilling Twist To The Teen Movie Genre (And Delivers)

Vengeance has never tasted so sweet



The hype about Do Revenge has kept growing since its premiere last September 16. As the film continues to top Netflix's charts, more people have grown to love the comeback of the teen comedy genre. However, Do Revenge sets itself apart from other recent coming-of-age movies because of its excellent references to other ‘90s and ‘00s films of the same genre. Just look at Maya Hawke driving in a car, just like her mother’s famous shot in Kill Bill; it feels scripted in the best way possible.



More than its references, Do Revenge stands on its own remarkably well. The story follows two teenagers, Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), who face challenges in their social lives. Drea had her nude video leaked to the entire school, but her ex-boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams), the intended recipient, claims he was hacked. On the other hand, Eleanor wants to see her summer camp bully Carissa (Ava Capri), suffer the consequences. So, instead of dealing with their emotions individually, the two unite to avenge each other. The catch, though, is that subtlety is key for the plan to succeed. The less everyone knows each other is involved, the better. So, they do each other’s revenge.


Up ahead, we list down all the best things about Do Revenge.


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The fashion


Alana Morehead, the British-Iranian costume designer, is the mastermind behind the fits of the characters in this teen tale. Since the story takes place in a private high school, it’s common knowledge in any teen movie that clothes can affect one’s social hierarchy. School uniforms emphasized the elitist style of the “mean and popular groups” inspired by the ones we see in Korean culture. Morehead says it best: girls are meaner when you see a uniform. Stylish in all their pastel glory, Rosehill’s uniforms seamlessly incorporate a nostalgic yet new look that adds a unique personality to the characters in the story.


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The punchlines


Of course, who could forget the humor? The most unforgettable scene from this film is Sophie Turner shouting out: “I don't do cocaine!” followed by another memorable line: “I don't know what it looks like!” The movie doesn’t hard-sell its comedic effects with cringy references or memes. Instead, it makes fun of the stereotypes of previous coming-of-age films while creating an eccentric satire of its own, especially in the context of the 21st century and social media.


The huge plot twist


Some spoilers ahead! The reveal of the dark twist is something you can only experience once. All the better to watch it blind! To let you in on a little secret: don't ever underestimate teenage girls. Do Revenge was able to pull this off since it was right under our noses this entire time. The film uses the stereotypes of teen flicks to its advantage to lead the audience to think it will end a certain way. But, the ending was not something we expected at all.


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Despite the stellar cast and production, the movie still had flaws in reimagining the teen comedy genre. As both protagonists had traumatizing experiences dealing with public displays without their consent, the film does not deal with the complex process of recovering from this incident. Instead, it focuses more on the thrill of exacting vengeance rather than the complicated way of navigating trauma at a young age. I wish the film explored how teenagers can cope with painful life events, too. This matters as it can help younger audiences feel represented, and get validation that it is tough to process such experiences and go through upsetting downs in life.


Although the film does have its shortcomings, Do Revenge is the ultimate comeback of the teen comedy genre and proves that these flicks are still in season. Just a heads up, it can get crazy. Then again, we’re talking about teenagers here; it's a part of their DNA. Funny, entertaining and twisted: this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and does the unexpected.



Have a taste of vengeance when you stream “Do Revenge” on Netflix.



Words Moira Luga

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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