Coming To You Live: DPR Gang Curates The Ultimate Regime Tour Setlist

Coming To You Live: DPR Gang Curates The Ultimate Regime Tour Setlist

Cure your post-#DPRinMNL crash with this playlist



It's been a few days since multi-hyphenate label and artist collective DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) took over the crowd at The Filinvest Tent. At large, DPR comprises many different minds who focus on creative direction, video production and more. But on the music side, DPR IAN, DPR LIVE and DPR CREAM represent the collective. This close-knit group of artists and friends continues to be trailblazers not only in the K-hiphop and K-R&B scenes but also worldwide. After hopping on the Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings official soundtrack, performing a set in Head In The Clouds LA and a world tour, there’s no stopping this powerhouse of a collective.



We asked, you provided, and we listened. So here’s the ultimate DPR Regime Tour Playlist, curated by the loyal members of the DPR Gang—their Dreamers. Stream this compilation as if you hope to look back at the best moments from Regime Tour in Manila.


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DPR’s main music producer, DPR CREAM, joins the two members on this tour. After debuting Gravity in 2019, he went on to work on DPR Archives with IAN and LIVE and two more solo singles that appear on The Voyager 737. While his discography is a bit limited, DPR CREAM has a stellar collection of works that will make you move. And honestly, who are we to complain?


Whether you like the laid-back instrumentals from DPR Archives or the funky beats of Color Drive, get ready to have your world rocked by DPR CREAM. ICYMI, the producer opened the evening with a smooth set to get everyone excited for the rest of the show.




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From music genres to pops of color in his visuals, DPR LIVE can’t be bothered by being tied to one. He always manages to catch you hook, line and sinker with his great discography. With his melodic rap flows, bubbly pop and psychedelic sensibilities, DPR LIVE has made a name for himself in the scene. He’s already released three EPs and a full-length record, all flush with his signature flavor and many collaborations under his belt. From Loco and Hwasa to his very friends in DPR, there’s definitely no stopping Hong Da-bin.


After coming in hot onstage with Legacy, DPR LIVE serenaded Filipino Dreamers with his classic hit Jasmine.


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While a quick scroll through his socials touts Christian Yu as a stereotypical bad boy musician, a guitar-playing and motorcycle-riding man all clad in leather, his music tears each of these misconceptions down. After representing DPR as their creative director, DPR IAN officially released his debut project Moodswings In This Order (MITO), in 2021 and his first full-length record, Moodswings In To Order (MIITO). All these releases explore the singer’s experience living with bipolar disorder, a show of vulnerability, openness and catharsis that carves a safe space for Dreamers.


Filipino dreamers got to sing their hearts out with DPR IAN's No Blueberries.


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Curb the post-concert languishing and chant “DPR we gang gang” when you listen to the complete playlist on Spotify:



Are you a #TeamBahay member or just stewing in the post-concert crash? Don’t fret, Wonder came to you live with fresh dispatches from the show. Check the full recap on Twitter.



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