It’s Happening! Drag Den With Manila Luzon

It’s Happening! Drag Den With Manila Luzon

Are you ready for that dragdagulan?



It’s finally happening.


The first Filipino drag queen reality show is coming our way with Drag Den, hosted by none other than the Drag Race alum and two-time All-Star Manila Luzon. A tweet posted on July 1st served as the big reveal, with Luzon announcing that she’d be running the show. Meanwhile, Rod Singh, the brilliant mind behind the movie Mamu; And A Mother Too, will be directing the show.


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From the fits to the performances and everything in between, we know our drag queens won’t disappoint. Plus, there’s no denying that we all love a good reading challenge. But imagine reading your drag competitors to filth? Are y’all ready for that bardagulan? The format, lineup and other details about Drag Den have yet to be released. But trust us when we say everyone on the internet is excited to see what will go on.



Earlier this April, VICE published a profile featuring Manila Luzon, where she expressed wanting to see a Filipino Drag Race. Was it a manifestation, a psychic instinct or just really great foresight? We’ll never know. While Drag Den has no ties with RuPaul’s franchise, we’re still hoping to see something equally exciting, glamorous, campy and hilarious. Here’s hoping that guest appearances by other Filipino drag queens such as Jiggly Caliente, Ongina and more are in the pipeline. 


Drag queen competitions are already underway around the globe. Multiple spin-offs of Drag Race are happening in Australia, Canada, Italy—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Back in 2018, Drag Race Thailand was hosted by Art-Arya and Pangina Heals and ran for two seasons. Iconic Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar is also slotted to host a drag queen special by HBO Max. 


Closer to home, TV5’s Lunch Out Loud’s Drag Queendom had a special segment featuring local drag queens who lipsynch for their lives. Spaces MNL is also a thriving hotspot for online shows featuring drag queens. These spaces matter more than ever now that the pandemic has put physical ones to a full stop.


Thankfully, Drag Den is another progressive leap towards giving our homegrown drag talents the platform they need. So before, during and even beyond Drag Den, support your local drag queens!



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Got any top queens that you wanna see on the show? Drop their names and their socials in the comments below. 


Keep tabs on Drag Den Philippines by following their official Twitter account.



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