Erwan Heussaff and Sassa Gurl, an “Unconventional Pairing” for GrabFood Indie Eats

Erwan Heussaff and Sassa Gurl, an “Unconventional Pairing” for GrabFood Indie Eats

We hear straight from Erwan Heussaff and Sassa Gurl



Content creators Erwan Heussaff and Sassa Gurl collaborate for GrabFood Indie Eats, the new program that highlights local, quality, small food businesses on the platform. From a slew of milk tea shops to creative burger concepts, we’re putting the spotlight on these merchant-partners. Hindi pa sikat pero ang sarap (It’s not yet famous but it’s delicious)! 


In an exclusive interview, we hear straight from the “unlikely” pair, whose viral video—the ultimate kuwentuhan-slash-food trip journey–for GrabFood Indie Eats has already drawn almost 700,000 views on YouTube.



For creators who have such vastly different content, they do have great chemistry. Erwan, who highlights food content on his many channels and even has a studio, The Fat Kid Inside, contrasts to Sassa’s one-woman team, highlighting hilarious short-form content.


On their unconventional and undiscovered pairing, Erwan notes, “I admire Sassa’s content so much because she puts so much thought and intent in what she creates. Yes, it’s entertaining, it’s funny, but it takes a lot to kind of create these skits and shoot them. People who don’t necessarily work in content creation and production probably don’t see that.” 


Heussaff adds, “I have so much respect for what she does. I look at us in the exact, same way—that the content that we create always has intent and purpose. Sometimes, it’s funny, it’s serious; sometimes, it’s cultural. At the end of the day, we might look very different on the outside, but in terms of what we’re trying to create, we actually have a lot of things in common. That’s why I think when we shot together, it was just a very natural conversation. Because we were talking to peers, we were talking to someone who sees things the same way.”


As someone who appears to be on the mellow side and deeply introverted, Erwan was completely taken out of his comfort zone by Sassa’s fun and outgoing demeanor. He reveals, “I am someone who’s naturally ‘one faced.’ I’m not smiley. I’m not a person who laughs a lot. I have a very mellow personality. So, I love being with people like Sassa, who kind of put me out of my comfort zone, and [are] just so extroverted to my incredibly introvertedness. That’s why [we] worked in front of the camera. Nothing was rehearsed, nothing was scripted. It was just 100% us, just talking and having fun. And I think it created the impact we wanted for everyone watching.”


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The viral mukbang video has garnered almost 2,000 comments since its release, many which applaud the pair. One user, Richard Edmond Bell, writes, “Erwan should do this more often, him getting to interact with different kinds of personalities over food works! More of this, well, Sassa is such a fun person to be around with so kudos!”


For Sassa Gurl, she can’t stop reading the comments on the video, pleased with how their collaboration has panned out. She shares, “Tumambay talaga ako sa comment [section] ng video na ‘yun. Sabi nung isa, tawa ka daw ng tawa, Erwan. Ewan ko kung pikon ba siya or pinipigilan lang niyang masampal ako. Pero ‘yun nga, nag-enjoy ako talaga kasi bagong-bago nga siya. Also wala akong friend na katulad ni Erwan, sosyalen ‘to…nakita ko ‘yung ganitong klaseng pananaw. (I really hung out on the comment [section] of the video. One user said you kept laughing, Erwan. I don’t know if it’s because he’s annoyed or he’s stopping himself from slapping me. But I really enjoyed because it’s new. Also I don’t have a friend like Erwan, he’s sophisticated…I saw a different perspective.” 


The TikTok superstar adds how their difference helped shape their chemistry, “Hindi ako ma-critique sa pagkain, ‘di tulad siya. Ganito pala kapag nag-food vlog ka, very unexpected and super saya, super fun. (I don’t critique food, unlike him. I guess this is what happens when you do food vlogs. It’s very unexpected and very fun.)”


We’re all about championing quality gems in our local food industry. With Grab’s new campaign, fronted by Erwan Heussaff and Sassa Gurl, we can’t wait to discover more of these Indie Eats. 


See the wide range of small businesses you can support through the Indie Eats tile on GrabFood, and be on the lookout for merchants with the Indie Eats badge!




Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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