*Possible* Fan-Made Stations We Want To Listen To Via Stationhead

*Possible* Fan-Made Stations We Want To Listen To Via Stationhead

A two-in-one streaming solution



If you’ve scrolled along some part of Twitter, you’ve probably come across the app called Stationhead. It’s an app that replicates the experience of radio for the digital scape??: stream music, talk on air and leave comments in real-time. Anyone and everyone are free to be their disc jockeys with this app. Growing your station and having listeners tune in when you’re on air can let you monetize your content, too.


In the past year, the Stationhead app became the not-so-secret weapons of fandoms as they increase the streams for their favorite artist’s music and in turn, help them chart on the Billboard charts. There will always be a fan-made station topping the app’s weekly leaderboard. What makes it so attractive? Stationhead syncs with everyone’s Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions, which ultimately rules out copyright infringement and also counts any listens on the platform as streams. Sometimes, fandoms collaborate to set up a station to pull in streams simultaneously.


The very essence of Stationhead is to make it a happy and public affair, especially for catering to the artist collaborations of our dreams. It’s like a two-in-one streaming solution: get a large audience to enjoy your mix and help your favorite artist gain more streams. Here we list *possible* fandom collaborations or fan-made stations we’d want to tune in to.


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Willow x Avril Lavigne


It seems to be widely agreed upon that the beginning of the new decade ushered in the renaissance of pop-punk and alternative rock along. One of the people headlining this return of this era is Willow. Why not partner her up with the pop-punk girl of the 2000s, Avril Lavigne? Grow is already a testament to both of them sounding good together. Take it up a notch by streaming Avril’s Under My Skin record with Willow’s lately I feel EVERYTHING for one of the best pop-punk experiences of your life.



In a press conference, Josh and Pablo expressed interest in collaborating with TWICE when they were asked which Korean group they want to collaborate with. And while we’ve got our fingers crossed for the team-up of the century, we can still make that happen somehow with an SB19 x TWICE streaming session on the Stationhead app. TWICE and SB19’s earlier releases, such as Feel Special and Get In The Zone would definitely match up. Meanwhile Eyes Wide Open would be a great accompaniment to Pagsibol.


Britney Spears x Rina Sawayama


Imagine having two revolutionary pop divas in one station, right? Rina’s SAWAYAMA record straddles the boundary of a total flashback and something completely fresh, which would match Blackout in terms of vibe, musicality and assertiveness. But Rina Sawayama’s constant 90s references for her standalone singles such as Cyber Stockholm Syndrom would fit with Britney’s older discography too. This remix of Rina Sawayama’s XS and Britney Spears’ Toxic (I know, different album but it still stands) proves that these two are a match made in heaven.


D.O. x Ben&Ben


If we’re talking about an unexpected combination, it would be EXO’s D.O. and Ben&Ben. Recently, D.O. released Empathy, a mini-album filled with love songs sung over easy instrumentals often with acoustic guitars. His vocals would match nicely with Ben&Ben’s, another band that has a penchant for singing gentle love songs that will send you floating far, far away. Play D.O.’s Rose and Ben&Ben’s Maybe The Night right after, and you’re all set to feel the fuzz and warmth.


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There are a lot more ways to make your favorite dream collaborations into somewhat a reality, such as pairing an album with tunes from a whole different era. Maybe you can even start a station dedicated to moods or weird instances. You’ve got free reign over your station, your tracks and the users you collaborate with. Happy streaming!



Stationhead is available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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