World of Fantasy: Six Series That Will Transport you into New Worlds

World of Fantasy: Six Series That Will Transport you into New Worlds

The doors to the supernatural world await you in these fantasy series!



Looking to escape from the real world? Why not step into the world of wizards, lore and adventure? Instead of finishing that report or anything else that needs attention IRL, sometimes all we need is an alternate reality where our problems include defeating an evil wizard. A fantasy series can do just the work for you. With these shows, you can fantasize about casting spells, defeating monsters and saving your kingdom. 


So, without much more, here is a little something for every magic enthusiast!


Locke & Key


A home full of mystical keys is the first stop for this viewing marathon. If you’re looking to unlock a whimsical adventure, Locke & Key is the fantasy series for you!


Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), the Locke siblings, had their lives turned around after their father’s gruesome death. Little did they know that it’s just the start of the mystery they are going to face and solve together in Keyhouse, their ancestral estate in the town of Matheson, Massachusetts.


Magic keys that can unleash powers and unlock places are hidden around their house. As the present generation of Lockes, they have to guard the keys against a nemesis from another realm. Home to many bittersweet memories, the trio has to decide if they want to keep the keys or destroy them to close the dark realm.


Help the Lockes in their three-season journey to find all keys by streaming Locke & Key only on Netflix.


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Do you have an eye out for Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) adopted brother in The Avengers or Avengers: Endgame? Curious about what happened to the Marvel villain after his capture at the Stark Tower in New York City?


Apparently, in his own fantasy series also called Loki, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) ends up with the Time Variance Authority (TVA), a group located outside of space and time that claims to safeguard the Sacred Timeline (AKA the real timeline). Being the God of Mischief that he is, the TVA apprehends him for a time-branching violation. However, putting a solution to this isn’t the only thing that the storyline revolves around. This Disney+ series is also an emotional gem as the adored villain finds out more about himself and his variants.


Find out the future of the universe―or shall we say the multiverse―in Loki’s hands by watching Loki before its second season drops by the second half of the year only on Disney+.


Shadow and Bone


The next stop on our series marathon is a mapmaker in the fantasy world of Shadow and Bone.


Ravkan army mapmaker, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), offers a stream of action, friendship and romance. As the kingdom learns about her dormant power of harnessing light, she carries on her shoulders a massive challenge and burden. Being the “chosen one,” Alina is the only means to an unharmed journey through a pitch-black void called The Void, where monsters live. Now part of Grisha, a group of magic wielders in the kingdom of Ravka, Alina trains to fully realize herself as the Sun Summoner. As she is expected to destroy the sea of monsters, will she successfully fulfill her duty to the nation or will someone come back to worsen the chaos?


Watch as the Grishaverse comes to life in Shadow and Bone’s first two seasons on Netflix.


The Witcher


Turns out Henry Cavill doesn’t only have superhuman strength as Superman, but also monster-slaying strength as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher


While struggling to find his place in the Continent, Geralt takes on his new mission of protecting Ciri (Freya Allan), the princess of Cintra. In another era, Yennefer, an up-and-coming powerful sorceress from Vengerberg, creates a new future at a vicious cost. These three protagonists have a journey of their own, but despite their different abilities, they are bound to fight together.


Tune in to the first two seasons of The Witcher before Cavill bids farewell in its third installment.


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The Quest


By now, you’ve already gathered a series of gems from our marathon. This time, let’s collect Gems of Virtue with fantasy series, The Quest.


David, Serean, Holden, Myra, Shaan, Ava, Caden and Toshani— collectively The Paladins AKA contestants in a challenge to become the “One True Hero”—are summoned to save the land of Everealm. But from what? The force of Tavora, a sorceress of dark magic, of course. These eight teenagers need to restore the Divine Crown, a relic with the greatest powers of light magic. 


Along with the young contestants, test your wisdom and courage by watching The Quest only at Disney+!




To cap off the marathon is another “chosen one” story in the form of Netflix’s Cursed. 


Nimue (Katherine Langford) had a traumatic childhood. As she grows, she stirs away from her fate—but the sword and last message from her late mother pull her back to the road she’s supposed to be on. Add in the fact that fantasy series like this one are never complete without surprises about the characters' kin, and you've got yourself a pretty complicated story. As Nimue keeps a low profile on her extraordinary powers, the story also follows Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård), a wizard of ancient magic and Arthur (Devon Terrell), a young mercenary turned ally.


Learn about the Sword of Power and the Lady of the Lake by streaming Cursed on Netflix.


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It’s the perfect escape to step into these supernatural worlds. Which one's your favorite?



Words Zhanele May Africano

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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