Filipino Comic Books You Need To Start Reading

Filipino Comic Books You Need To Start Reading

Because there’s an entire world out there that’s itching to be explored



The Sandman. Fables. Black Panther. Y: The Last Man. Kingdom Come—big names in an even bigger world that spans decades and generations, meticulously crafted by comic books and the minds and hands that birth them.



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It’s a difficult business to get into, but when you have creativity and Pinoy culture to draw inspiration from, magic then happens. All you need is a little Filipino fairy dust.


But where oh where do you even begin?



Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo



What is Philippine fiction without aswangs, kapres and a few engkantos?


When the police can’t handle the supernatural-led crimes happening all around the metro, they call on Alexandra Trese to round them up and keep them in place. Set in Manila, this noir detective story spins a frightening web that mixes in Filipino folktales, mythology and urban legends. Don’t get too freaked out when you recognize a location or can make out familiar face.



Rob Cham



In this wordless comic, Rob Cham proves the power of an image by silently taking us on an adventure. The goal? To find a mysterious treasure, of course. It seems a little monochrome at the start, but hey, the best part of an adventure is right smack in the colorful middle.


Laya: A Set of Fictitious Revolutions

Alyssa Mortega and Reen Barrera



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Welcome back to colonial Philippines, where human rights are saved only for a chosen few. In this frightening yet beautiful comic, we’re introduced to the violent and somehow graceful life of a prostitute as she fights to stay alive.


Pasig 2




Set in the future where a ruined Philippine rests, Mina and Dante continue their adventures in Pasig 2. Say hello to bounty hunters and a new slave cast not-so-endearingly called esclabo. And thanks to its manga-inspired panels, the action almost never stops.


May Pera Sa Basura

Ruen Zapanta



Two children live the difficult life of scavengers. When they come across a lost wallet, they take it upon themselves to return it to its owner. There are moral crossroads, realities and stereotypical urban characters that expand this story that takes us into the hardships of living below the poverty threshold in a developing country.



So hey, keep your DC and Marvel heroes and Neil Gaiman graphics on the shelf for a bit. After all, some things are just better with a little Filipino flavor.



Art Alexandra Lara


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