The Easter Eggs and What-Could-Have-Beens From The Friends Reunion

The Easter Eggs and What-Could-Have-Beens From The Friends Reunion

Could we *be* any more excited for the FRIENDS reunion?



Warning: two major spoilers ahead. Tread carefully.



Much like everyone else in the whole world, my family celebrated the FRIENDS reunion like a national holiday. We ordered so much food and turned our living room into Central Perk, complete with FRIENDS-themed merch. The hype was palpable as we counted down to the premiere. HBO Go crashed and laggy sites meant that their servers weren’t prepared for the number of people tuning in. After all, who’d want to miss finally seeing the main cast together again? It’s been 17 long years


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When Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Phoebe Buffet (Lisa Kudrow), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) got together again, everything just clicked. There was no warmup or small talk—it’s like there weren’t almost two decades between the finale and the FRIENDS reunion. The one-hour and forty-five-minute special was filled with a bunch of surprises that had everyone laughing or crying. It was definitely worth the wait. Here, we break down the most iconic easter eggs of this monumental TV special.


The One Where Joey Wore Chandler’s Clothes


Part of the live interview was actually a fashion show of past iconic looks with Cara Delevigne and Justin Bieber popping out all of the sudden. I’ll spare you the details of the other outfits but they capped the short runway show in the best way possible: with Matt LeBlanc. He sported his iconic layered Chandler closet look from The One Where No One Was Ready much to everyone’s glee.


And if you’re asking, yes he did the lunges.


The One Where They Still Got It


Another segment in the reunion special had them do table reads of three iconic scenes from FRIENDS. If you’ve watched the trailer, Lisa was able to nail Phoebe’s iconic scream just like it was in the 90s. It was an amazing prelude to the entire segment because each table read brought us back in time. The dialogue was seamless as the screen cut between footage from its actual episode and the recreated one. This part proved that the entire cast can easily transform into their characters in a snap.


The One Where We Saw Janice, Gunther and The Gellers


Since the FRIENDS reunion special was in the making for a long, long time, they had to bring out the big guns by tapping other recurring cast members. They were graced by Janice Goralnick's (Maggie Wheeler) switch between her regular voice and her signature Janice laugh. Judy Geller (Christina Pickles) and Jack Geller (Elliott Gould) also surprised the cast by being seated at the audience, describing how they became their unofficial parents on set. Each reunion with them was wholesome, filled with only good things being said about their time spent together.




But there was also this feeling of more What-Could-Have-Been in some parts, even if the special was a wonderful package of carefully unwrapped nostalgia. The biggest one, though? Jennifer and David admitting that they had feelings for each other during the show’s run. I’ll spare you the other major details about this tidbit, but this probably explains why Ross and Rachel’s chemistry worked so well because there was some truth in it somehow.


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It’s no doubt that the FRIENDS reunion, and the sitcom in itself, is one for the books. They gave us a glimpse into the show as we’ve never seen before. If you ask me, it was the perfect balance of appreciating its run. They paid homage to the stellar cast who brought their characters to life and its creators who brainstormed every scene and line we enjoyed. These people were able to bring multiple generations a sense of warmth as we got by.



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