The Times Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos Proved They Were The Only OTP Ever

The Times Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos Proved They Were The Only OTP Ever

One of the world’s cutest OTPs is coming through!



It’s a no brainer that Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos (AKA 1/2 of our January 2020 cover stars) are one of the celebrity couples that everyone loves to see on their screens and feeds, as either individual actors or as an offscreen and onscreen couple. While the two have been vlogging together and creating joint ads on Instagram, some of us have been wondering when we'd see them together for a project again, especially after Gabbi and Khalil left a lot for us to expect from their onscreen tandem in 2019. That year, we witnessed their debut as an onscreen couple with LSS and Ben&Ben’s music videos for Pagtingin and Araw-Araw, which cemented their power to move audiences when they work together.


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So when the news broke out that this IRL couple were to star in a project together yet again, a lot of their fans (including me!) were over the moon. We’ll finally see them work their chemistry once more but this time, in a local series called Love You Stranger.


Let’s look back at the times Gabbi and Khalil proved to be the only OTP ever while we wait for the trailer to drop!


They involve each other in their work and hobbies


Around mid-last year, we overrode the pleasures of staying in and cabin fever started getting to our heads. To balance it out, we expanded and explored our hobbies. Khalil was no exception to this. He and Gabbi took long-distance bonding to the next level by pulling off this Zoom photoshoot. Gabbi often has him helping her out in her vlogs too. Being productive with the love of your life? Let me just say this once: sana all.


They shut down relationship stereotypes


It’s 2021—or in this vlog’s case, 2019 which still counts—and we’re way over black and white relationships. Relationships are a two-way street, give and take, and no roles are strictly to be followed by each person. Whether it’s shutting down the “under sa isa” assumptions or emphasizing the difference between being protective and controlling your partner, Gabbi and Khalil showed that mutual respect for each other. These two are living, breathing, loving proof that communication helps heaps in a relationship.


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They’re definitely not afraid to be candid


From what we’ve gathered from their vlogs and socials, these two have goofy personalities on their own. It’s refreshing to see Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos banter like a pair of best friends in their vlogs and when they share unfiltered and funny media on Instagram. They’re not afraid to show peeks into their realer sides, whether it’s through oddly timed snapshots or funny surprise videos posted online.


Are there any other OTPs, whether on screen or in real life that have us feeling kilig like they do? Let us know in the comments below!



Art Alexandra Lara


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