Geeky Streaming Sites To Keep You Company (And Busy)

Geeky Streaming Sites To Keep You Company (And Busy)

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In this day and age, content is practically free-for-all. With videos everywhere from social media to streaming sites, it’s hard not to get lost in the black hole that is video watching. However, when you’re looking for a certain genre to explore, then it can get a little difficult. But as with life, sometimes what you’re looking for is actually right in front of you. 


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Over the last few months, Netflix has seriously upped their anime library. These titles range from Netflix originals to bringing back the stories of our past (special shout out to Violet Evergarden and Avatar: The Last Airbender). But a pretty impressive library is not good enough, because they’re continuing to up their game with the likes of The Seven Deadly Sins season 4, Demon Slayer: Love Is War season 2 and Pacific Rim




In some ways, YouTube has become sort of a repository for all types of video content. You can be an amateur or a professional, a singer or a calligrapher—it doesn’t matter. The beauty of YouTube is that it is, essentially, uncurated and you can find anything on there. 


But for the purposes of it being a source of geek content, did everyone hear that seasons of Sailor Moon are coming up for free? Click over here, friends; trust me.


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Then of course, there is the ol’ reliable: Crunchyroll. If you want to do a little more reading and a little less actual watching, the amount of manga you can get on this site is honestly a little insane. Right now, at the top of the popular tab are Domestic Girlfriend, The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Knight’s & Magic and Fairy Tail. None of these strike your fancy? Doesn’t matter; you’re bound to find something.




So, fear not, friends. You might think you’ve run out of choices, but the truth is we’re just not looking hard enough. There are literally millions of things to get our hands and eyes on—we just need to look a little closer. 



Art Alexandra Lara


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