Get Fabulously Curious with JVN

Get Fabulously Curious with JVN

Curiosity kills no cat in Jonathan Van Ness newest series



JVN’s long-standing and charming podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, gets its spin-off on Netflix, and it’s nothing short of what you’d expect. With colorful visuals, funny sit-down interviews and a whole lot of learning, our favorite grooming expert from Queer Eye takes on another hat. Instead of schooling us on beauty and beauty alone, JVN becomes one of the best and most eccentric teachers we’ve ever had. Van Ness embarks on an adventure to answer questions that keep floating around their head, from processed food to the history of gender non-conformity.


What makes this show more interesting than your usual, run-of-the-mill documentary is JVN’s flair for theatrics. Segments get divided by entertaining skits, proving—once again—that learning is never boring. But throughout each episode, JVN also explores the politics of each industry they enter. The episodes highlight minorities, dispel stereotypes and provide a platform for everyone to use their voices to share their advocacies. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness clocks in with six episodes of around 25 minutes, with Van Ness and their team managing to pack enough information to keep us schooled.



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Jonathan Van Ness: Are Bugs Gorgeous or Gross?

Ah yes, man’s best friend-slash-worst enemy. JVN opens the episode with the moral dilemma for the moments we catch a bug: squish or set free? They then face their fears fears and get up close and personal with creepy crawlies to determine if these critters are plain old nuances. Then, different field experts join him to explore bugs’ significant impact on the human race and society.


Why Is Hair So Major?

Despite having a prolific hairdressing career spanning over a decade, JVN accepts that they don't know everything about hair. So why do people switch wigs like clothes despite their natural manes? Why do institutions discriminate against Black women’s protective hairstyles, and what can public policy do to stop it? The episode shows how our hair affects our sense of beauty while advocating for all types of beauty.



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Jonathan Van Ness: Can We Say Bye-Bye to the Binary?

We know that JVN is a non-binary icon. In the third episode, they dive deep into the history of non-binary individuals, and why institutions are scared of gender non-conformity. They dig through history, especially the existence of non-binary people in Native American culture and how the gender binary got put into place. JVN further enriches the discussion by bringing in fellow non-binary and LGBTQIA+ visionaries to push for the call to say goodbye to the highly outdated dichotomy.


Why Do I Love Snacks So Much?

Much like us, Jonathan Van Ness loves all things sweet, as Pop Tarts, Oreos and Powdered Donuts occupy spots on their daily diet. But they acknowledge that we can depend on our well-loved snacks more than the recommended, healthy amount. So how do brands nail the unique tastes that we love? Why are colors, smell and taste meant to have us continuously eat them until we can’t stop? Do any delicious, healthy alternatives exist? JVN cracks down on our obsession with snacks and shows why we need to curb that habit.


P.S. A Queer Eye cast member makes a special appearance, so keep your eyes tuned for that.


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Learn more about the world around us from the best teacher we could ask for by streaming Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness on Netflix or listening to the podcast on Spotify.


What other topics should JVN explore for season two? Let us know in the comments below!



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