Add to Queue: Feel Powerful with these #GirlPower P-POP Anthems

Add to Queue: Feel Powerful with these #GirlPower P-POP Anthems

Update you new girl power playlist with these P-pop anthems



With the force of patriarchy and the still-existing gender discrimination, it's easy to feel invalidated. It’s often challenging to find a place of comfort. But worry not! After all, why not run to our fellow ladies for support and inspiration? Here, we bring you girl power anthems from five of the nation's P-pop girl groups you can listen to whenever you feel down.


You know what to do: add to queue.


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Born To Win by BINI


Feeling like you aren’t capable? P-Pop group BINI is here to say otherwise with this girl power anthem.


Born To Win stands as the debut single of the eight-member girl group. As it is the group’s first official release, it’s also fitting that the lyrics of the song should be the first reminder to all ladies out there. Whether you’re Filipino, Thai or whatever nationality, BINI reminds you that there’s nothing you can’t do. 


Make every moment last, and don’t let anything hold you back from winning. This includes listening to BINI’s 2021 studio album, Born To Win, on Spotify and Apple Music.


Best lines: “It took me a few dead-ends to finally understand. Got to push harder. The failures only made me strong.”




If you feel like your day was wasted, here’s the perfect song for you!


For KAIA, there’s always a chance to start again. Like what they said in their pre-debut single, KAYA, “Ang bawat araw, bagong simula. Basta kumapit ka, lahat makakaya. (Every day, a new beginning. Just hold on, you can do everything).” The group’s five members, Charice, Angela, Alexa, Sophia and Charlotte know your strength. So, you should too―no matter the place and time!


Put your hands up in the air and believe. Listen to KAIA now!


Best lines: “Gaano man kahirap, pero para sa pangarap, ‘Di na magpapatalo, walang susuko. It's all gonna be worth it, kayang-kaya na”


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Defy by G22


Who’s got your back if not the Female Alphas? AJ, Alfea, Bianca, and Jaz of G22 assure you ‘yan ay tiyak (that’s certain) in their 2022 single, Defy.


Confidence takes a lot of time to build, but with the right company, it becomes easy. With this and some strength, nothing is impossible—even getting to the top. Regardless of the challenges, you, as a woman, are meant to redefine every limit. This is one hell of a girl power anthem from another P-pop powerhouse.


Defy and tune in to G22’s entire discography, along with their latest single, Boomerang.


Best lines: “We’re burning our way up. Make way for the build-up. We strive with our head up.”


Unleash The Diva by 4TH IMPACT


Still waiting to show your greatest abilities? 4TH IMPACT’s 2017 single, Unleash The Diva, will definitely give you that extra push.


If there’s anything blocking you, Celina, Almira, Irene and Mylene are telling you to conquer everything that stands in your way. The Cercado sisters believe you are born to be everything you want. Want to be a hero? You are! To reign supreme? Big yes! To be a fighter? Go, girl! To reach your dreams? Power to you! Just like they said, “born to be superior.”


Stream 4TH IMPACT and get ready to unleash your inner diva!


Best lines: “I am gonna do what I wanna do and won't retract, I will stand. Be the best that I can. No, you can not tame my strong will and power!”


Girl Gang by R Rules


Learn the first step in being a girl boss from P-pop group, R Rules. Take cues from their empowering song, Girl Gang.


Being mistaken for being lonely? Show them that independence doesn’t scare you. Being told you can’t stand on your own feet? Tell them this is your world. Whatever it is, you’re unstoppable—no cap! Channel your inner R-Rules member, whether it’s Riyo, Ruri, Reina or Risa, when you play Girl Gang!


Best lines: “Ain't got no time to play games… We independent, steady, committed, locked and loaded. Nobody can break our rules.”


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There you go, ladies. You can now rock out to these girl power P-pop anthems on your next night out!



Words Zhanele May Africano

Art Macky Arquilla


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