Glastonbury is a Throwback to All the Live Shows We Loved (And Sorely Miss)

Glastonbury is a Throwback to All the Live Shows We Loved (And Sorely Miss)

Hitting us right in our pandemic blues, Glastonbury Festival 2021 was flush with nostalgia



No festival comes without its fair share of stress.


The thick, claustrophobia-inducing crowds. The slow-moving entry lines that make you miss a portion of the first set. The traffic. The misplaced tickets. Moments before big concerts (when they were still a thing) used to be punctuated with high tension or nerves. Heart pounding, hands shaking—it’s a sensation that’s hard to forget.


But once you’re through the barricades and in the venue, all is forgiven. A different kind of tremble takes over. The tension melts at the sound of an electric guitar, your favorite vocalist greeting the crowd, your friends’ voices as you sing (read: yell) to the lyrics you’d been playing on repeat.


Glastonbury Festival’s 2021 run had all that—the good and the bad and the nostalgic—rushing back.


After two cancellations, the music festival took to a new format. For the first time, Glastonbury was accessible worldwide through a global live stream entitled Live At Worthy Farm. With the abundance of pre-recorded concerts streamed throughout the pandemic, the idea sounded simple and convenient. Despite that, it seems technical hiccups remain unavoidable. 


The first live stream saw paying patrons denied access. Not even previous headliners could get through. Bombarded with complaints, festival organizers managed to provide an alternative access link two hours later. It was the pre-show stress all over again, only this time, behind the screen.


Thankfully, viewers in the Philippines were spared the drama. GMovies streamed Live At Worthy Farm through UPSTREAM a day later—sans the technical difficulties.


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We’ve tuned in to more virtual concerts than we can count, but Glastonbury Festival was one that truly had us wishing we could be outside. In the middle of a stonehenge-like rock formation, under a towering tree or in front of a mid-field pyramid stage, to be precise. The performers—a mix of UK favorites like George Ezra and Michael Kiwanuka and global sensations like HAIM and Coldplay—utilized every corner of Worthy Farm, and we’ve never wanted to teleport to a charmingly Midsommar-esque location more.


If you missed the show or just happen to miss it already, we’ve got you covered. Below, relive some of the highlights from Glastonbury Festival 2021, Live At Worthy Farm.




Jorja Smith 




DJ Honey Dijon 





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Keep up with Glastonbury updates by visiting their website or following their page on Twitter. Until we can all enjoy festivals outside, get more music, movies and entertainment on GMovies!



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