Globe & Wanderland Just Gave Us The Best Music Weekend

Globe & Wanderland Just Gave Us The Best Music Weekend

Yes, we're still on a Wanderland high



It’s been several days since we all excitedly made our way into the Filinvest City Events Grounds for Wanderland: The Comeback, but we’re still seeing it all over our feeds—clearly, everyone is still on a high from that unforgettable weekend. 


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Seeing the likes of Rico Blanco and No Rome made it clear that OPM deserves a seat on the international stage. And seeing favorites like Carly Rae Jepsen, Dashboard Confessional and Phoenix return to a Manila stage was the true definition of a comeback. 


But more than the performances, there were some other key features that Wanderland: The Comeback offered Wanderers. In particular, presenter Globe made sure to offer its customers with an elevated experience beyond the stage sets. 


“The most important thing to provide our customers is a memorable end-to-end experience (from lockers to lounge area, free water refill, beer and cocktails). From connectivity, access to tickets, and interactive activities,” says Pia Colby, Globe’s Chief Marketing Officer. And Globe knows what they’re talking about—they have, after all, been a Wanderland partner since its first run in 2014. 


And for 2023, there were no hesitations and doubts about returning on-ground. On what further pushed them to participate again, Colby says: “Wanderland: The Comeback is also a way to revive Globe’s foothold in providing elevated on-ground experiences to our customers.”



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Globe provided their customers with an enriching experience from start to finish. From the lockers that ensured our belongings were safe to the charging area that everyone literally plugged into (no blame or judgment here; we were all taking snapshots and videos throughout the day). Globe even had a cocktail lounge where customers could redeem Globe Rewards points for drinks!

But more than the logistical help that we all desperately needed, Globe provided experiences that made Wanderland: The Comeback more than just a music festival. With fun-filled games and other exclusive experiences—that bubble lounge with the balloons, anyone? Or what about the Virtual Hangouts booth where we got to create our own avatars and reels?—Globe allowed us the opportunity to do more whenever we felt like it. We even got our hands dirty and helped paint a giant Globe Wanderland sign.



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Wanderland: The Comeback was not only an unforgettable weekend, it was the perfect start for a music-filled year with Globe. So whether you’re already missing the music or sad you missed it, don’t worry: Globe has more in store. 



For more details about the upcoming concerts and mechanics of the promos, stay tuned to Globe’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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