Gunther’s Best FRIENDS Moments

Gunther’s Best FRIENDS Moments

We’ll miss you and your hair that was brighter than the sun



In the second episode of FRIENDS, we caught our first glimpse of Gunther—but it wasn’t until the sitcom’s 33rd episode that we heard him speak for the first time. It's as Ross asks whether or not Gunther has stairs in his apartment, playing with a slinky in his hands. “Yeah,” Gunther replies, before Ross tells him to go nuts with the toy—and right then and there, a legend was born. 



Throughout the seasons, Gunther became much more than a background mainstay. His one liners were enough to elicit laughter, and his hair became as iconic as Rachel's. Gunther is proof that secondary characters help make a show, so we’re celebrating all the amazing moments that James Michel Tyler bestowed upon us. 


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When he said what no one else could:

Gunther’s Best FRIENDS Moments

AKA when Phoebe’s very athletic boyfriend was free ballin’ a little too~ much 


When he just couldn’t stop himself


Also one of the moments when we just knew (in the most unexpected way) how strongly he felt for Rachel. 


But also when he was sweet and petty to her at the same time

Gunther’s Best FRIENDS Moments


A shining moment for Gunther, a dark one for Rachel. 


When he didn’t know what Mrs. Whiskerson was


PS. We couldn’t really tell either.


When he knew something about Ursula before anyone else.


A little creepy, but still proof that he was part of the group in ways no one ever knew. 


When he totally shut Ross down


As an avid Ross-disliker, this moment was especially satisfying for me. 


When he let Chandler smoke in Central Perk—in exchange for a drag


Gunther was always so relatable. 


And finally, when he finally just said it 


Bonus: He totally cock blocks Ross while doing it. This moment is the definition of poetic justice. 


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There will never be another FRIENDS (come at me, HIMYM fans), and there will definitely never be another Gunther. So to James Michael Tyler, thank you.



Art Alexandra Lara

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