Which Halloween Costume Suits Your Vibe?

Which Halloween Costume Suits Your Vibe?


October 19, 2018
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Tell us who you are and we’ll tell you who you should be



Few things are as daunting as being caught unawares. Case in point: when you have a grand total of zero costume ideas when people ask what you’re going to be for Halloween––a question you should expect to hear a lot of now that the occasion is on a fast approach.


Now, we don’t want to blow things out of proportion here, but the determination of a Halloween costume is a rather significant process. It’s not just another outfit, it’s the outfit––that one that either lumps you with the hundred Where’s Waldo’s and Wednesday Addamses at that party you’ll be attending or sets you apart from them. (If those were the costumes you had planned, best leave those ideas in the backburner.)


Reality check: Halloween is no more than two weeks away, which means you’d best get planning. But before you lose your head over it, we’re swooping in. We’ve got a few questions to help you determine which costume you should be shimmying into on the night of the 31st. Come on now, take the quiz up ahead.


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1. Select your drink of choice.

2. Pick a Spotify podcast.

3. Pick a color, any color.

4. The three words that best describe your style are...

5. Quick, your house is on fire! What’s the first thing you save?

6. Which was your favorite movie of this year?

7. Pick an app.

Which Halloween Costume Suits Your Vibe?
An Olsen Twin

Alright, fashion kid. We won’t try convincing you to go outside your chic, uber-polished aesthetic. Actually, why not leverage off it? Channel your favorite Olsen twin on Halloween. Go for MK & A’s boho look from a few years back, or go more current with their often oversized, all-black ensembles. Don’t forget the huge sunglasses!
Madeline & Pepito

Grab your partner in crime, because your vibe tells us you two are destined to go as Madeline and Pepito. Just think: Parisian, preppy and attached at the hip. You love each other’s company and are always up for a good time together. Have a tres chic Halloween, you two!
Gina Linetti of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Nobody pulls things off quite like you do, and nobody believes that more than yourself. You remind us a whole lot of Gina from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew. Feisty, fearless and a girl boss in every aspect, all you really need is your personality and a kickass pair of trousers to make that booty look goooood.
Rubber Man from American Horror Story Horror House

Kind of freaky, kind of sexy––that’s our read based of your answers. We say you ought to push those traits to the forefront with an extreme costume like the Rubber Man from the Horror House season of American Horror Story. We know, it’s kind of extreme. And it’s bound to make you sweat. But hey, isn’t that the fun of it?
A My Hero Academia Character

If you ended up with mostly E’s, it’s likely that you’re either a big anime or comic book fan, or somewhere close to those realms. Take that fiery passion for and channel it into a costume for the greats. We recommend breathing life into one of the My Hero Academia characters. After all, it’s one of the biggest breakthrough animations of the year! Go green with Midoriya’s supersuit, or play a game of hot and cold with a Todoroki costume.
Reverse Trick-or-Treater

Is that a jokester we sense in you? Always down for a good time, chances are you love messing with people and playing out pranks. This Halloween, take inspiration from this comic drawn by artist Doctor Popular, where trick-or-treaters turn the tables on the people whose doors they knock on. No better time to pull a quality prank than Halloween, right?

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