Halloween Costume

Quiz: Which Halloween Costume Suits Your Vibe?


October 19, 2018
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Tell us who you are and we’ll tell you which Halloween costume suits you



Few things are as daunting as being caught unawares. Case in point: when you have a grand total of zero Halloween costume ideas when people ask what you’re going to be for Halloween––a question you should expect to hear a lot of now that the occasion is on a fast approach.


Now, we don’t want to blow things out of proportion here, but the determination of a Halloween costume is a rather significant process. It’s not just another outfit. It’s the outfit––that one that either lumps you with the hundred Where’s Waldo’s and Wednesday Addamses at that party you’ll be attending or sets you apart from them. (If those were the costumes you had planned, best leave those ideas on the backburner.)


In short, Halloween is no more than two weeks away, which means you’d best get planning. But before you lose your head over it, we’re swooping in. We’ve got a few questions to help you determine which costume you should be shimmying into on the night of the 31st. Come on now, take the quiz up ahead.


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