Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey’s Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough

Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey’s Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough

Netflix date to binge Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?

A decade and a half ago, when I was fresh into high school, Grey’s Anatomy premiered. And while season 16 was cut short due to the pandemic earlier this year, season 17 was confirmed some time ago—which means we have more drama (and tears?) coming our way. Nevertheless, it’s been one hell of a ride so far, and it’s one I personally like revisiting whenever I can. 

So in case you don’t know it yet, Netflix PH has all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. If you ask me, going back to the internship days of Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang is the perfect way to get the feels out (you know, in case you haven’t felt enough that day).

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Don’t have the patience? Let me give you a rundown of the moments I think are particularly heartbreaking (at least, from the first generation of Grey’s Anatomy—which is arguably the best generation). 

“Love me”

This is a bit of a copout heartbreaking moment but, even after all this time, it’s still a phrase very well associated with the show. And why not? It’s pivotal, it’s relatable, it’s completely on-brand. 

There’s something about Meredith choosing to walk away from Derek and then finding herself in front of him anyway, uttering those words we all know by heart. And while there are lucky ones who have never had to beg or fight for a love they believe in, many of us know what it’s like to ask—maybe not directly, but to the universe and anyone listening—for who you want in your life, to be picked and chosen and fought for. 

Miranda Bailey becomes a mother

When Miranda Bailey became a mother in season 2, she was the woman we knew her to be: headstrong, stubborn and bossy. But when she found out that her husband, Tucker Jones, was under Derek’s knife at the time of her labor, she broke. 

Watching Bailey, a woman as strong and independent and no-bullshit as she was, break down, was a little heartbreaking. It showed that even the toughest people have a breaking point. 

Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey's Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough
Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey's Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough

Meredith and George having sex

Sex is not a strange topic in any point of the Grey’s Anatomy timeline, but the moment between Meredith and George is particularly difficult to watch—even amidst all the cheating and STDs. 

Until that moment and even in the episodes that followed, George was very much in love with Meredith. He was there for her, he accepted all her issues and self-destructive behavior. Meredith was lonely and needed the company—and when she realized what she had done, it was too late. And while you might argue with me on this, I think it’s actually a little more heartbreaking to see someone (Meredith) give herself just because she doesn’t think she’s worthy of anything more.

Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey's Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough
Heartbreaking Moments Of Grey's Anatomy To Relive If You’re Brave Enough

Derek and Addison breaking up

Look, I know that the central love story is between Derek and Meredith and I know that Addison had some serious faults, but it can’t just be me that was a little heartbroken when the two officially—finally—called their marriage quits?

We never saw the good parts, but the two were married for a good long while.

George is 007

In the first few seasons, we see George get called 007 for almost killing a patient during an appendectomy (the removal of the appendix). It’s all fun and games to tease him until he uses the notorious nickname to confirm his identity to Meredith as he’s dying. 

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Adele Webber is diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Throughout Grey’s Anatomy, Adele Webber sticks by Richard throughout it all—his alcoholism, his affair with Ellis Grey, his endless hours in the office—until, of course, they actually separate. But when Adele is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she tells Richard one breathtaking line, it’s her finally admitting she’s the one that needs understanding this time:

Don't look at me like that. 

Like I'm damaged goods. 

I'm still me. 

I'm still here.

There are…so many more moments from Grey’s Anatomy that break our hearts: Cristina being left at the altar, the entire bomb episode, the shooting episode, the death of Ellis Grey and that other realm that Meredith visits, the death of so many good characters, the heartbreak of the asses-turned-sweethearts. I know a list will never encompass all the feelings this show has made us feel. 

Thank god we can just keep coming back to it now. 

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