Everything We Know About The “Hello, Love, Goodbye” Sequel

Everything We Know About The “Hello, Love, Goodbye” Sequel

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards are together—on the big screen



In 2019, Hello, Love, Goodbye was released starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. Set in Hong Kong, the film follows the stories of domestic helper Joy (Kathryn) and bartender Ethan (Alden). 


Joy refuses to give up on her dreams of moving to Canada, knowing in her heart that Hong Kong is just a stepping stone. Meanwhile, Ethan’s life is comfortable; he’s only a few years away from becoming a resident. As the two get to know each other, helping each other through their struggles and opening each other up to other possibilities, they fall in love. But what happens when Joy’s dream is finally within reach?



If you haven’t watched the film yet, this is where the spoilers start—I mean, we’re going to be talking about the Hello, Love, Goodbye sequel, after all. Because after years of speculation and clamor, Star Cinema and GMA Pictures have finally let the news out.



Here’s what we already know: Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards are reprising their roles as Joy and Ethan, and Cathy Garcia-Sampana is back on the director’s chair. Entitled Hello, Love, Again, the sequel will take place five years from the ending of the original film. 


According to Deadline, Joy and Ethan fought for their love to conquer “time, distance and a global shutdown.” But when the two meet again in Canada, they realize just how much they’ve individually changed. 


The publication also quoted direk Cathy as saying, “I am as excited as all of you perhaps, to find out what Joy and Ethan had gone through after Hello, Love, Goodbye and will be going through in Hello, Love, Again.” This tells us that there while most of the Hello, Love, Goodbye sequel is set in Canada, we are likely to see some flashbacks to give us glimpse of what happened in the five years between the films. And just how the original film showed the lives of OFWs in Hong Kong, the sequel will do the same for OFWs in Canada.



At this point, not much else has been said or confirmed about the storylines or other cast members. But expect to see pivotal moments that define relationships and genuine instances of love in different stages. And while we can only imagine those exact plotlines now, we won’t have to wait that long to learn for sure. The Hello, Love, Goodbye sequel has already been set for a November 13 release.



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