Crafting The Anti-Christmas Playlist, For Those With The Holiday Blues

Crafting The Anti-Christmas Playlist, For Those With The Holiday Blues

For those whose Holidays aren’t merry and bright



For some of us, our Holiday Kindred Spirits are more like Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch instead of Santa or his overeager elves. The holidays spell dread instead of festivity—from the added stress of social gatherings and unsolicited comments (or “advice”) from our titas and relatives. We’d rather just curl up while the world brings out the gifts, the food, the merry lights and everyone’s nicely charged social batteries. Or perhaps, there are memories associated with the holidays that you’d rather not revisit, or you’re still trying to navigate a season without a certain loved one.


These are challenging times, so it’s okay if we don’t exactly play into the “everything-is-fine” narrative of the Christmas season. One great way to deal with those holiday blues we all experience is to embrace it all before moving forward. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t enjoy Christmas like the next person. So as you process your feelings and the past year, we crafted a little playlist to help you out.


Meet the Anti-Christmas Playlist.


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Christmas Song – ena mori


To kick off the Anti-Holiday playlist, we’re queueing in ena mori’s Christmas Song, an upbeat anthem that pushes you to shake off the holiday blues alone in your room. “Cos all you talk about is how your life is better than mine on Christmas night,” she sings in the first few lines. So it’s okay to miss that one party you’re dreading—do it for your peace of mind. 


Not Another Christmas Song – blink 182


Christmas doesn’t feel the same when you’re in the middle of a rocky relationship, right? Blink 182 perfectly narrates the turbulent feeling in Not Another Christmas Song. There are Holidays where we’d rather sit out than live through, and the band perfectly encapsulates in this track.


‘tis the damn season – Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s ‘tis the damn season has wormed its way to our Anti-Christmas Playlists since evermore dropped last year. After all, going back to our hometowns for the holidays might also entail confronting old flames, or maybe, crawling into a bubble of comfort—away from the responsibilities and adulthood woes.


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Christmas Song – Phoebe Bridgers


Sustaining the somber mood would be Phoebe Bridgers’ Christmas Song. She takes the words right out of our mouths, especially when we feel the loneliest in a room filled with people. Isn’t that a feeling we know all too well? But, at least Phoebe lets us know we’re not alone in that struggle.


That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! – Sufjan Stevens


As we grow older, more aware and (maybe) more jaded, Christmas sometimes doesn’t hold the same magic it did when we were younger. Sufjan Stevens laments bittersweet Christmas memories with That Was The Worst Christmas Ever.


Universe – EXO


Next up on this Anti-Holiday playlist is one track that explores the longing we feel. One of EXO’s classic ballads, Universe, explores the pain of loss—whether romantic or platonic—during the holidays. Let their harmonies soothe the heartache and pain, at least just by a fraction.


Pasko’y Hindi Na Masaya – Blaster


Christmas also offers the time for us to lament, especially after experiencing grief and loss. May it be the simple joys of Christmas or loved ones passing on, we all still choose the holiday season to remember them. In Pasko’y Hindi Na Masaya, Blaster remembers simpler times in loving memory of the loved ones we lost.



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If the holidays are more lonely than festive for you, at least you’ve got great tunes to keep you company. Listen to the playlist’s entirety on our YouTube channel when those holiday blues hit.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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