Our Favorite Horror Games To Come Back To Every Halloween

Our Favorite Horror Games To Come Back To Every Halloween

The season is definitely calling for some horror games



Some people like to celebrate the end of October with drinks in crowded bars and loud music. Others sleep in to prepare for the next morning’s traffic and the succeeding hours under the cemetery sun. And then there are those who prefer to spend the holiday hours holed in, playing horror games—still in celebration, of course. 


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If you’re one of these people (or you’re willing to try something new for 2019, we’ve pulled together some of the best horror games to revisit this Halloween:


Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within (1998)


The premise: Alyssa Hale is a teenager with a dual personality. Her darker and crueler personality, which can possess her at any moment, goes by the name of Mr. Bates. 


Why we still love it: The story might not be that scary and the graphics don’t hold a candle to more recent releases, but the Clock Tower franchise mastered the art of point-and-click adventure. But what truly made it scary is that the horror game uses your curiosity to get you. The rustling of a curtain or a step up the stairs might be enough to get unleash the Maxwell Curse on you. 


Fatal Frame (2001)


The premise: Miko Hinasaki is a young girl with a unique sixth sense. When her brother, Mafuyu, and his mentor, Junsei Takamine, go missing from an investigation, Miku takes it upon herself to find them. Armed with nothing but an antique camera given to her by her deceased mother, she goes to the mansion once inhabited by a powerful landowner. 


Why we still love it: What makes the first chapter of the Fatal Frame so memorable is that it’s a classic Japanese horror game. Moreover, the fact that you’re only armed with that antique camera gives you a limitation to work with that adds to the stress, anxiety and fear the video game already gives you.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)


The premise: Daniel wakes up in a dreary castle with no memory of his past—all he remembers is his name. But then he discovers that he deliberately had his memory erased from a note he wrote himself, which also tells him he needs to go through the castle’s dark halls in order to kill its evil baron, Alexander. 


Why we still love it: Armed with zero weapons and no memory, leading Daniel around the monster-infested mansion isn’t the easiest task. And that you have to stay in the light to keep his sanity intact is that frustrating and frightening cherry on top of this already fucked up story.


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Until Dawn (2015)



The premise: A group of friends decide to head out to a ski lodge on the anniversary of their friends’ disappearance. But, naturally, their vacation isn’t what you’d call a lonely one. 


Why we still love it: Because the teen-slasher genre just doesn’t get enough attention in the horror game world and Until Dawn does so quite properly. The gruesome deaths at your fingertips are litterd with classic horror tropes that any fan can appreciate.


World of Horror (2019)



The premise: In a small seaside town of Japan, the Old Gods are reawakening—and this means the end of the world. As the locals lose their sanity and creatures terrorize the town, the only thing to do is confront the terror. 


Why we love it: Two words: Microsoft Paint. This entire game is a 1-bit masterpiece that gives you more than a dozen mysteries, each of which can only be described as bizarre and horrific. 


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Suddenly staying in for Halloween weekend and dating the game console of your choice doesn’t so bad, right? Not when you have some great horror games to play through. 



Art Alexandra Lara


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