Since They’re All Doing It Anyway: Horror Movie Reboots We Probably Need

Since They’re All Doing It Anyway: Horror Movie Reboots We Probably Need

We won’t turn down the possibility of these titles getting modern remakes



We all know reboots can only go two ways: soar high or tank low. Sometimes reimagining the source material falls flat, or the modern update outperforms the OG—maybe this is why people still take the risk of shooting their shots. And the horror movie genre is no stranger to earnest attempts at recreating well-loved films. From the “totally unnecessary” 2013 remake of Carrie to the revival of the Scream franchise, producers have no fear in bringing these classics to present times. So now that they’re doing it, especially with a Nosferatu rehash in talks, let’s check out the other horror flicks we’d appreciate getting a new update.


Christine (1983)


Stephen King isn’t called the King of Horror for nothing; his a long list of terrifying written work and equally terrifying movie adaptations speaks for itself. But for this story, we’re zeroing in on the possessed Plymouth Fury, Christine. The movie follows Arnie Cunningham, a high school student who buys a car that appears to have a mind of its own. The car, aptly named Christine, becomes possessive and protective of Arnie that it’ll do anything in its power to protect him. Reimagining Christine for the 2020s offers a multitude of possibilities. Think about an advanced, AI-powered vehicle assuming control over its device. 


In case you didn’t know, a remake is already in development. So here’s to hoping it follows through.


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Death Becomes Her (1992)


Before you come for us, we know. Death Becomes Her is more a dark comedy than a horror movie, but it wouldn't hurt to ask for a reboot? If they remake Death Becomes Her for this era, think about how CGI can make everything else more accurate and grotesque. We also want to see how Madeline Ashton’s career would decline. Could it be a misplaced case of cancel culture or just her prime running past its course? It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities, especially with rumors of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway heading the two lead icons originally played by Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. Plus, we have Lady Gaga fancast as Lisle Von Rhuman. Who are we to say no to this?


The Sixth Sense (1999)


While The Sixth Sense has its jump scares, this cult classic also makes a great tearjerker. M. Night Shyamalan decides to use the concept of wandering souls and their unfinished business to explore a more profound message—not to mention the unexpected plot twist! It would be interesting to witness The Sixth Sense remade for modern times and injected with current issues. From the hidden influences of social media or even the rippling effects of politics. Many reasons exist for the dead to seek help, including the woes that plague the living.


Valentine (2001)


It’s no surprise that everyone loves a good horror movie and that the ones made in the 80s remain cult classics. Valentine is an underrated 2001 slasher flick because it employs many elements that use the same plot devices. As far as plots go, Valentine follows a group of young women stalked by a serial killer who wears a Cupid’s mask. As events unfold, many of them point to a figure from their past named Jeremy Melton. If this movie gets picked up for a 2020s reboot, it would be fun to see what could happen if social media comes into the mix. Think Do Revenge, but with a bit more violence and vengeance.


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Bonus: Scary Movie Franchise (2000 to 2013)


Stupid, raunchy and downright a product of its times, the Scary Movie franchise makes a mockery of horror movie tropes. Sure, the movie series made it to five films, but it ultimately fell flat once the Wayans brothers had no involvement in its creation and production. With the number of horror flicks with technology, such as Unfriended (2012), Host (2020) and the recently teased M3GAN (2023), it’s high time for the Wayans brothers to give their two cents on modern horror tropes. We get a taste of that in the A Haunted House Franchise—so here’s to hoping we have more soon.



Did we miss any movie worth a remake? Sound off in the comments below!



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