The Rise of Hot Chefs and Why We Just Can’t Look Away

The Rise of Hot Chefs and Why We Just Can’t Look Away

Yes, chef! From Cedrik Lorenzen to Rob Li, these hot chefs are thirst-trapping their way into our hearts



I still remember the very first time I consumed any food-related media in my youth. On weekday afternoons, I looked forward to Unwrapped with Marc Summers on Food Network. Viewers were taken on factory tours in America to see how processed food were produced. I especially loved seeing how my favorite tangy, sour candies, like the crowd-favorite Skittles and Warheads, were made. I also enjoyed watching how any of my go-to chips for movie nights, like Lays and Ruffles, were created from start to finish. 


At the time, when we thought of the word “chef,” we envisioned meek and graceful women—from Nigella Lawson to Ina Garten—motherly figures who loved to create home-cooked meals for their families. These television personalities were so nurturing, and we just wanted to be them. (An East Hampton home for me with a breathtaking garden, too, please!)


These days, many thanks to the blackhole of TikTok, chefs cook shirtless (not the best idea, but we’re here for it) and make you want to sin. This delightful place on the internet where everything is quite literally food porn, makes space for hypermasculine, hairy-chested men who teach us how to cook and bake while making us…feel things.


Cedrik Lorenzen

This 100% self-taught chef is the man of your (wet) dreams. From slapping a slab of meat to licking syrup and fingering fruits, Cedrik Lorenzen will do everything to keep you satisfied. When the term “thirst trap” was being considered for the dictionary, the team had this man on their vision board. He has a physique chiseled like a Greek god and the skills of your favorite chef and restaurateur.



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Aaron Maternowski

We just love a rugged man. Aaron Maternowski cooks shirtless most of the time, and when he does have clothes on, tears it off for that extra thirst-trap effect. (I think about my girl Taylor Swift’s new type—no longer pale, lanky men you’d want to bring home to your parents.) A registered nurse and now purveyor of all things sexy, this man will cook your favorite homemade dish and keep you up at night. Can we also have a moment of silence for those unbelievably blue eyes? Amen.



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Owen Han

Owen Han is your super tan surfer boy crush from LA who makes the absolute best sandwiches. The “Sandwich King” of Chinese and Italian heritage discovered his passion for cooking in Milan, his hometown. His well-made cooking videos feature other celebrity chefs like Andy Cooks, Laurent Dagenais and Joshua Weissman. He’s even met the Gordon Ramsay, having been featured on his show, Food Stars.



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Magrí Alberto

If you love a quiet man who doesn’t need to “show off” and lets his work speak for itself, Italian pastry chef Magrí Alberto is your guy. From Pasticceria Magrí in Livorno, the culinary heartthrob doesn’t even speak in his videos. Just a few seconds of kneading dough, shaping his pastries and filling these delectable delights with chocolate or custard, and we’re absolutely head over heels.



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Rob Li 

Saving the best for last is the very first chef I actually followed on TikTok. Rob Li is a private chef for a billionaire in the Hamptons. His endearing a-day-in-the-life-of videos always go viral, landing him millions of views per post. We love seeing his life on the island with his very own driver, running errands and cooking meals for his middle-aged client.



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Did we miss any of your favorite hot chefs? Leave them in the comments below!



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