Saved You a Google: We Hunted Down Your Fave TikTok Songs

Saved You a Google: We Hunted Down Your Fave TikTok Songs

Tiktok is home to musical earworms. Here are a few worth adding to your playlist!



If you’re talking about underrated songs going viral at the drop of a hat, look no further than TikTok. Think about famous TikTok songs, like maybe Benee’s Supalonely or Calvin Harris’ remix of The Weekend by SZA might come to mind. We’ve all watched how dance challenges and other videos brought songs to Top 100 Playlists and took over the airwaves. This app doesn't choose the trend; it's TikTok that builds the trend.


It's safe to say that, because of this, the app is home to musical earworms. Whether you chance upon a makeup transformation reposted on Twitter or scroll through Tiktok's endless feed, chances are you’ve come across songs that are 10/10 catchy. But due to the short duration of the videos or perhaps the lack of details in the sound icons, we’re left wondering what song plays in our heads days after we heard it. 


Fret not, we’re here to save you from a lengthy, sometimes futile Google search. In case you were looking for your next favorite track, we hunted down famous TikTok songs just for you.


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Unlock It by Charli XCX ft. Jay Park and Kim Petras


If you’ve seen friends and celebrities smize and shake their hips while pointing finger guns at the camera, then you might be familiar with this song. The poppy, electronic song with repetitive lyrics was originally released way back 2017 in Charli XCX’s Pop 2 album. You can’t blame everyone who’s dancing to it—the sound is absolutely addictive.


Sugar by Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates


This song is familiar if you’ve watched different videos of the “Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall” trend. The internet pointed me to different references, but ultimately it was discovered that this was a slowed down guitar cover of Robin Schulz’s song. Sugar also sampled a 90s R&B classic, Suga Suga by Baby Bash, which brought rise to the different discussions about its origin. To add a spin to the song, the uploader also incorporated Tyler The Creator’s voice from one of his older and funnier Vine entries


Celebrate the Good Times by Mason


If you’ve made it to the side of TikTok showing day-to-day transitions, whether surgical or skincare journeys, you’ve probably heard Celebrate the Good Times. This has all the makings of a viral earworm. From Taio Cruz’s Dynamite to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, SoundCloud DJ Mason takes us on a musical trip throughout the 2010s with this song.


Telepatía by Kali Uchis


Light, soft and flowy, a lot of TikTok accounts used this song for different types of content. Sometimes it’s the relaxing background music to recipes or used to enhance the experience of watching people show off their simple joys. This was originally released in 2020 by Kali Uchis in her album, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) ?. 



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Trends from the video app may come and go, but we won’t argue that they lead us to pretty good, sometimes underrated tunes.


Did we miss any viral hits in this list? Drop other loop-worthy tunes in the comments below!



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