James Reid Is Back With A Sultry Track To Start Off His Newest Album

James Reid Is Back With A Sultry Track To Start Off His Newest Album

No more hushing with James Reid's newest single, “u & i”



October starts on a high with the release of James Reid’s newest song, u & i from Careless Music. Joining him as his runaway bride is Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt. But before the world could enjoy this brand new bop, James Reid and his team employed an interesting way to get some buzz around it.


Before the release of James Reid's u & i, fans got a taste of the new music through a viral, supposedly paparazzi-taken TikTok. The video had the two actors getting cozy in a car, with chemistry that was just off the charts. Naturally, this set off a variety of reactions from fans. One wrote, “They're just friends,” to another who commented, “Hala, bagay sila (They look good together)!”


@crlss_bklyn_ntrs James Reid & Kelsey Merritt in LA #fyp #philippines #jamesreid #kelseymerritt ♬ original sound – imong mama


As it turns out, the video was for the music video of u & i. Not really a stolen shot or violation of privacy, but an Uno reverse card for prying eyes. Nonetheless, fans felt excited about what music the Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter would drop. And safe to say, he did not disappoint.


In the music video, the two have a spontaneous night of fun driving through the streets of Los Angeles. With a hint of playfulness, some fun lovin' and a side of sultriness, James Reid creates a saccharine and intimate mood that perfectly sets the tone of the music video—in the best way possible.



Want to know more about what the singer has in store for us? James Reid posted all the details we need to know about his upcoming album, lovescene, on Twitter. With one track down and nine more to go, we are in for an exciting ride with what James Reid has come up with in his album.



Since his last album release in 2017 with Palm Dreams, u & i shows that James Reid has fine-tuned the sound he wants to make while exploring other inspirations in music production. Side note: I’m getting the vibe that this new album will show the more personal side of love—and we’re not complaining! It is truly a new era for James Reid and Careless Music, and we love to see more of him as an artist!



“u & i” is available for your listening pleasure on all major music streaming platforms. Stream it here.



Words Moira Luga

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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