Jason Dhakal Kicks Off A New Chapter With “can’t get enough”

Jason Dhakal Kicks Off A New Chapter With “can’t get enough”

Jason Dhakal is back with a new bop



It’s been a couple of years since we first caught wind of Jason Dhakal, a young talent who had a mission to make a mark in the local music scene. A lot has happened since the official release of his first EP, Night In, all of which prove that his earnest efforts have paid (and continue to pay) off. He’s graced Wonder’s July 2019 cover, joined Paradise Rising’s first-ever semilucent EP and dropped his debut album, lovesound—all accomplished before he even reached his 20s. One long lockdown and a couple of adjustments later, Jason Dhakal kicks off a new chapter in his career with his latest single, can’t get enough.



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The sultry, neo-soul track starts off slow and fluid before bleeding into an upbeat bop (arguably, one of the best this year) filled with ardent passion and romance. It takes you on an almost visceral trip where you feel each emotion pour into you before taking you to a different kind of high. And the welcome switch-up? It was intentional. In a press conference, Jason Dhakal shares, “I remember wanting it to go slow at first, and then go fast. I think I was watching a movie where the soundtrack went slow, and then it went fast.”


Always the perfect mix of bold and sensual, sweet and heartfelt, Jason Dhakal’s mastery of poetic lyricisam continues to shine through can’t get enough. With lines such as, “My love flows like water / And I flow to you,” anyone who listens to this song will swoon. And as seen in the video and heard in the song, the track celebrates queer love. “We all can relate to that so easily,” he says. “You know the feeling. ‘What’s so different about mine?'”


Another thing about can’t get enough is the presence of live instruments that add depth to the whole single. With the sensual beckoning of guitar riffs, the feeling of palpable drums and the soaring sound of trumpets, Jason Dhakal’s soulful voice nestles perfectly to create the sweet track. “This is [the] first time I got to produce a song with live drums and live trumpets. This is no laptop thing anymore,” he reveals. Jason Dhakal even seems eager to explore more live instruments, as he expresses, “I think for me, [live instruments] make me feel connected [to the song] much more. It just sounds so real.”



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Like all of us, Jason Dhakal hit a wall when the pandemic started. From being able to write a song in one day and record it the next, the singer-songwriter found himself taking more days to finish a track. “I would be so hard on myself and say, ‘Why am I not being so productive right now? I’m only stuck in a room?’” While that process happened for a couple of songs for his upcoming album, he already had the chords for can’t get enough in his head.


In Wonder’s August 2020 cover with Paradise Rising, Jason Dhakal says he’s using time to focus on himself. After two years of isolation, lockdowns and ever-changing restrictions, he shares the learning he keeps close: “No matter how much I try to make someone understand me, if they don’t want to, then there’s no point. At this point in my life, the people who are around me are those who really matter.”



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If you think this is the last of Jason Dhakal you’ll hear for a while, then you’re sorely mistaken. Because with the help of Warner Music Philippines, the singer has more up his sleeve. “We planned all of this out. We’ve got things slated, we’ve got a schedule—things are happening,” teases Jason. “This is just the first of many that are going to be released.”



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