Park Jimin’s “Face” Is Coming And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Park Jimin’s “Face” Is Coming And We Couldn’t Be Happier

We’re getting a re-introduction to Jimin with “FACE”



After 10 years as a group and some years in the international spotlight, each member of BTS has produced a distinct image. Case in point: many know RM as the one who speaks the most English and has the magical powers to get Erykah Badu out of the quiet. Meanwhile, J-Hope’s reputation consists of his sunnny disposition and the member who took over Lollapalooza—alone—head-on. So it would be easy to tell them apart after some hefty research. Eager to step out and into the spotlight with FACE, it’s now Jimin’s time to shine. 


Known for his alluring visuals, sweet vocals and impressive dance skills backed by years of contemporary and hip-hop training, Jimin has had his fair share of viral moments. The performance of Boy With Luv at Saturday Night Live had everyone calling him the “pink-haired guy.” When BTS went to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, everyone was curious to know who the “glittery jacket guy was.” But more than stunning visuals, sweet vocals and dance moves to match, Park Jimin has always been an enigma when it comes to his own creations. A chameleon who can switch it up for every concept. And with Jimin's FACE landing this March, we can’t wait to see another side to him.



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Jimin of BTS

The first time the world met Jimin of BTS, it was through a batch of teaser photos and trailers released during the early days of June 2013. Decked out in coordinated streetwear sets and with eyes heavily lined in pitch black, Big Hit Entertainment introduced the seven boys that make up Bangtan Sonyeondan. Then came the music video for No More Dream, where a round-faced teenager dressed in a Chicago Bulls jersey made his debut with six other hopefuls as they worked like a well-oiled machine. They were always together, with solos often going to RM, SUGA or J-Hope, focusing on rapped intros to set the tone for albums.



Then came WINGS, where the rest of the members got a taste of a solo. Jimin’s came to fruition with Lie, a haunting single that depicts a spiraling descent into mayhem and the fear of getting caught. Upon the arrival of Love Yourself: Her, Serendipity was a complete 180-degree change with bright visuals and an equally ardent lullaby, utilizing Jimin’s vocal range that has a unique and sweet lilt. Promise, his first independent release on SoundCloud, is cut from the same cloth of saccharine love songs. All these culminate in Filter, a confident anthem led by Latin-pop influences that fully embraces his many different sides as a performer.


So while these songs of his gave us a peek into Jimin as an artist, many ARMYs also hope to see him shine on his own.


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A re-introduction to Park Jimin

In the past 10 years, Jimin has cemented himself as a stellar artist with a heart of gold. Effortlessly funny with a smile that lights up the whole room, he has become an immediate favorite of many. Even Turning Red used Jimin as a basis for Tae Young of 4*TOWN. In 2023 alone, he collaborated with his favorite idol of all time for VIBE: Taeyang of BigBang. He even got crowned as Dior’s newest global brand ambassador. Simply put, he’s thriving. But it’s also no secret that his solo discography is often attached to BTS albums and one-off OSTs. 


That’s why we couldn't be happier about FACE—a body of work molded by Jimin. When one looks at the tracklist, it’s evident that Jimin had a hand in creating nearly all songs, sometimes with the help of member RM. The producers he chose to work with are frequent mainstays in BTS’s discography: PDogg and GHSTLOOP, so these will be guaranteed bops. But the best surprise comes from the song Set Me Free Pt. 2, a suggestion that he might be continuing the story SUGA wrote in Interlude: Set Me Free.



One evening in February, Behind the ‘FACE’ dropped on BTS’s official YouTube channel. The short trailer offers a fly-on-the-wall view of what went on during his writing sessions. A lot of trial and error, deep thinking, jamming and even meeting the choir we supposedly hear in one of the tracks played in the video. Thanks to ARMY’s great investigations skills, the songs previewed are more or less great. Echoing choirs, heavy synths and a base drop one can only describe as “diabolical,” the bar is already way up for Jimin’s FACE


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According to a press release, the main track called Like Crazy is “a synth pop song with intense synth sound and drum sound, upon which Jimin’s poignant timbre draws a beautiful distinction.” The album logo has the word FACE surrounded by ripples in the water, with the words “Reflection of vulnerable minds and unexposed wounds” at the top. All these suggest that the album will be his re-introduction into the world, not only as Jimin of BTS but as Park Jimin, the artist.



BTS Jimin’s “FACE” drops on March 24. For the full lowdown on the schedule, check out BigHit Music’s tweet.



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