John Lloyd Cruz Films For Each Mood

John Lloyd Cruz Films For Each Mood

From kilig rom-coms to jarring reality checks, there’s a JLC title you can watch



After an indefinite hiatus and a few cameos here and there, John Lloyd Cruz announced his return to Philippine entertainment this week in an Instagram post by Crown Artist Management. So as we wait for more updates on his comeback movie with Bea Alonzo called No Goodbyes, we’ll be streaming these JLC films depending on what we’re feeling.



One More Chance (2007)

Best watched to fuel your hugot



This is the movie that cemented John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as one of our all-time favorite love teams due to their seamless and palpable chemistry on cam and off cam. If you’re feeling a little hopeless, watch Popoy and Basha soldier through a painful split and its aftermath. Life after each other wasn’t an easy ride, but they build themselves and grow apart, despite the strings still seemingly pulling them back to each other. 


And if you feel like the end was too much of a cliffhanger, A Second Chance is readily available for your binge-watching pleasure.


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Miss You Like Crazy (2010)

Best watched to curb the loneliness



Yes, another Bea and John Lloyd film to cure the loneliness we’re feeling. (Living in a socially distant world gets hard, okay.) Miss You Like Crazy follows Allan and his indecision to choose between his long-time lover Daphne (Maricar Reyes) and the new person in his life Mia (Bea Alonzo) before it’s too late. But once Allan makes his choice, Mia’s suddenly the one caught at a crossroads. In the end though, even if Allan and Mia have been told that they’re fated for each other, it's their choices that bring them back together. 


My Amnesia Girl (2010)

Best watched when you need a good laugh



In this movie, Irene (Toni Gonzaga) supposedly has no recollection of Glen (John Lloyd Cruz) as she got “amnesia” following their sudden breakup. Glen takes this opportunity to undo all the pain he caused Irene, but their lies soon catch up with them until they need to come clean. Despite its flair for the dramatics, My Amnesia Girl is one great mix of cheesy romance, playful banter and the highs and lows of love. A light-hearted film for even the worst days. Plus, the way John Lloyd meets Toni Gonzaga’s wit and humor head-to-head makes this film one hell of a romantic comedy.


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In My Life (2009)

Best watched when you’re feeling sentimental



The film is about Shirley (Vilma Santos), a rigid librarian who struggles to come to terms with her family leaving the nest and being emotionally detached from her. To regain control, she flies out to New York to be with her son Mark (Luiz Manzano), who’s been hiding a handful of secrets of his own. Unfortunate events push Shirley and Mark’s lover, Noel (John Lloyd), together as the mother has to face some hard truths before feeling whole again.


In My Life provides an utterly raw and jarring reality check for its viewers as it challenges family dynamics. It touches on what’s it like living with conservative parents and trying to break free from their grasp. The film will have you reevaluating the boundaries of the tight-knit family culture. So if you’ve been meaning to embrace the tears outside of rom-coms, check out In My Life.


The Trial (2014)

Best watched if you need to cry it out



Here’s a John Lloyd Cruz film that flexes his immense acting skills that might move even the coldest hearts. The Trial tells the story of Ronald, an intellectually challenged man, who finds himself in the midst of a trial for allegedly raping his teacher, Bessy (Jessy Mendiola). Despite the movie ending quite predictably, the heart put in by Amanda (Gretchen Barretto) and Julian (Richard Gomez) into the case as the proceedings unfold will have you gripped. In every scene, there is a twist and turn, showing how interconnected their lives are. This film is a far cry from the multiple rom-com movies the whole cast was known for. 


Honor Thy Father (2015)

Best watched if you need to ride the rage out



The film follows Edgar (John Lloyd) and his wife Kaye (Meryll Soriano) find their way out of a Ponzi scheme as they also fear that their daughter would be caught in the middle. This suspenseful thriller shows us how people act during the direst of moments but also points out the possible flaws found in extreme devotion. Honor Thy Father is another social commentary meant for us to view the world in the eyes of a desperate father. This film is a harrowing title, an addition to John Lloyd Cruz’s list of movies that scream range!


Fair warning though, the movie is as heavy as it gets.



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It’s undeniable that John Lloyd Cruz and his films are very loved. On top of him being one of the Philippines’ most brilliant actors to date, his extensive list of roles leaves us a wide selection of movies and telenovelas to watch. His roles are diverse that whether you need Filipino rom-coms to fill the void or strong social commentaries to move you, there’s always a John Lloyd Cruz film that will fit your mood. 



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