5 Quarter-Life Lessons From NCT Jungwoo’s Instagram

5 Quarter-Life Lessons From NCT Jungwoo’s Instagram

In honor of NCT Jungwoo’s 25th birthday, we revisit his iconic Instagram, @sugaringcandy



As the years go by, the less excited people seem to be about their birthdays. There are several reasons behind the birthday blues, but a common one is the “crisis” assigned to particular years. Our early 20s or quarter-life, for example, is known to be a time of doubts and questions. But there's no reason to fear, at least not with NCT’s Jungwoo in your corner.


Last February 19, one of our favorite Pisces idols turned 25. Jungwoo’s journey has been interesting, from trying out with no intentions and passing SM Entertainment’s infamous Saturday Auditions at 16-years-old to being a loved, adored and celebrated idol at 25, Jungwoo has always been a source of light and inspiration. In honor of his birthday, we revisit the iconic @sugaringcandy on Instagram and, since he just approached his quarter-life, we gathered five lessons we can learn from him.


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If it makes sense to you, it doesn’t have to make sense to others

What good would a post be if it wasn’t accompanied by the best caption? Still good, apparently! With this mindset, you no longer have to delay your posts or ruin your algorithm by searching for caption ideas.



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A post shared by JUNGWOO (@sugaringcandy)


Make the ordinary, extra

As an idol, the glamorous side of Jungwoo’s life is open for the public to see, so he uses his personal platform to share all things ordinary. Make social media more authentic; direct the spotlight on the mundane and post that ~life lately~ dump!



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A post shared by JUNGWOO (@sugaringcandy)


Make space for yourself and for others

We all know that Jungwoo is a beast in front of the camera and he’s not afraid to show it. He uses his Instagram to post dance videos, photoshoots and everything in between.



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A post shared by JUNGWOO (@sugaringcandy)


The “everything in between” in question being pictures of other people—whether related to him or not.



You make the world less static

The world can stay still all it wants, but you don’t have to. Add some movement to your photos! It’s the imperfection that makes things feel more real. Have a “low quality picture, high quality moment,” if you will.



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A post shared by JUNGWOO (@sugaringcandy)


All places are good, as long as you are there 

Cringe, I know. But this is the last Instagram advice disguised as an inspirational saying for the quarter-life, so it has to be impactful. The fifth lesson we can get from Jungwoo’s feed: everything can be beautiful, especially when you’re a part of it.



All corners are picture-worthy with you as the subject.


Whether it’s a time for crisis or not, we hope these simple Instagram-turned-life lessons from Jungwoo can brighten up your day! Someday, you’ll look back and think, “It was so easy.”




Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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