All The K-Soloists You Should Add To Your K-Pop Music Playlists

All The K-Soloists You Should Add To Your K-Pop Music Playlists

Open Spotify and add them in, ASAP!



Are you missing out on these K-solo artists? Below is a list of artists that should be on your playlists, where we present a variety of genres from different artists that you can enjoy for those moments when you’re feeling down or for those inevitable nights that you just want to party and let loose. Who says K-Pop music should stick to one sound alone?




Jessi has been on fire since her release of her new single ZOOM, which became a hot trend on TikTok. Jessi also released many hit songs such as Cold Blooded and NUNU NANA, both of which are sure to make you stand up and dance.


Yerin Baek


An angel voice sent from above? You know right away that this is the case for Yerin Baek. Her song, Bye Bye my Blue, can make you feel like you’re dancing on Cloud 9. This song was also covered by Seventeen’s Woozi. Another track that needs to be on your radar? Yerin Baek’s Here I am Again, which is an OST for the iconic K-drama, Crash Landing on You.




BE’O became an instant star rapper on Show Me the Money 10 with his song, Counting Stars. His iconic line “Better than your Louis Vuitton” has captured the hearts of many fans, and you can hear the sounds of hip-hop and R&B vibes from his music. Give his latest single, Love Me, a listen, too—you don’t want to miss out.


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Even though EXO’s Baekhyun is now serving in the military, we like going back to his music while we wait for his official dischargement. With R&B and jazz influences seeping into his music, his first solo album City Lights, which houses Candy, has been a continuous hit. Let’s not forget the smooth and sensual Bambi either.


Sam Kim


If you are looking for some soft K-Pop music, Sam Kim is the one for you! His discography has made people fall in love with his voice, and is perfect for those who just want to relax after a busy day. His solo songs include Make Up and Love Me Like That, as well as a track from the OST soundtrack of Our Beloved Summer entitled Summer Rain.




Some music for an aesthetic cafe experience? Then JUNNY should be on your playlist. He’s an underrated Korean singer that needs to be recognized for his soft-melting voice. Need evidence? Listen to his top songs, By My Side and Movie.


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K-soloists are quickly becoming fan favorites, and they’ll surely relieve you from the stress of the day-to-day. After all, each of them has something special to offer as K-Pop music is a growing and expanding genre.



Words & Art Chelsy Estrada

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