Karpos Live Mix 9 Has Us Considering This Equation: FKJ + ADOY + You

Karpos Live Mix 9 Has Us Considering This Equation: FKJ + ADOY + You

Sounds like a formula for a good night, don’t you think?

Attention, folks: it’s officially early November. Alright, we know we’re stating the obvious here, but this observation is one that weighs heavy with excitement and anticipation: for the holidays, for the nearing opportunity to hit refresh with a new year, for an incoming month of epic live music. That’s right: The next two installments to Karpos Live's pool of shows are happening this month.

In case you haven’t heard of Karpos Live, allow us to get you acquainted. At its core, Karpos Live is a series of intimate, multi-artist shows that fixes its target on delivering the best of local and global acts. Karpos Live Mix 9, which happens on November 14th at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent in Quezon City, will do just that by bringing together two international favorites: New French House artist FKJ and indie band ADOY. 

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A music festival staple, FKJ (short for French Kiwi Juice) is the kind of artist that demands to be watched live. Folks who attended Wanderland 2018 would know; there’s something magnetic about the way he performs. His passion for sound echoes loudest in his live performances, when he basks in the beauty of sound simply because he can, fusing live loops and instrumental riffs with electronic music.


If it’s a kick of nostalgia you’re after, look no further. Lyrics laced with blissful pockets of youth, heavy-handed reverb and ultra smooth vocals that are bound to bring some bittersweet memories to the surface are the bread and butter of ADOY’s discography. Hailing from South Korea, the four-piece band has become recognized all over the world for their distinctly dreamy sound that cuts across genres and strums up a new blend of emotion with each listen.

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Come on now, do you really need more convincing? Click through to score your passes to Karpos Live Mix 9 online or purchase your tickets at TicketNet outlets.


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