What To Expect From The Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie

What To Expect From The Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie

Tanjiro Kamado makes it to the big screen in the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie



Full-length anime films aren’t actually a new addition to the genre; they’ve been around for decades—just think back to the OVAs of our youth. But just because these animated films are as old as us doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for celebration anymore. After all, they’ve made it to the international big screen and the traction they’ve forged is only getting stronger. 


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Next up is on our watch list is the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie, which hit home to many viewers in the last anime season. Thanks to its story, animation and characters, it became a definite hit; one of the series that everyone wanted to get their eyes on. And now, to fill in the cliff hanger of the last episode, we have the film to look forward to. 



But before we get into what’s coming up next, it’s time for a little background on the manga and anime. 


In the world created by Koyoharu Got?ge, Japan is plagued by demons. One night, a boy named Tanjiro Kamado goes home to find that his entire family has been killed—and his sister, Nezuko, the only survivor of the attack, has been turned into a demon herself. 


He then sets off to find help, but encounters a demon slayer who wants to kill his soon-to-be-demon sister. But as the slayer realizes that some level of human consciousness is still present in the girl, she is left alone and the boy starts his journey to become a demon slayer himself—and to find a cure for his sister. 


And now, to the demon slayer movie.




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When the last episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba finished, a teaser trailer was shown to confirm that a film adaption was in the works. But as important as this is, other vital details were confirmed as well: the movie would touch on the Infinity Train arc, would be directed by Haruo Sotozaki and that Akira Matsushima would be returning as the character designer. But what else do we know?


The movie will begin with Tanjirou, Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma boarding the Infinite Train to find and get training from master Demon Slayer Kyoujourou Rengoku. But once they get in, they find that action and intrigue are waiting for them.


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An official date for the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie has not been released, but it has been confirmed that we can look forward to it in 2020.



Art Alexandra Lara

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