Why Kris Jenner Is The Ultimate Mom(ager)

Why Kris Jenner Is The Ultimate Mom(ager)

Hate on her all you want, but you can’t deny that Kris Jenner is a modern-day Midas



No matter who you talk to, the consensus is the same: The Kardashian-Jenner clan is something else.


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But why is it that, amidst claims of stupidity and an overall lack of talent, they thrive? Well, they’re rich; they were always rich. They may not always have been stereotypically beautiful, but they definitely are now. And while fashion is subjective, we can all agree that their new styles are more signature and less trying to keep up (pun definitely intended). So yes, in actuality, there are plenty of reasons. But the one root of it all? Miss Kris Jenner, born November 5, 1955.


Call her whatever you want—an opportunist, manipulative, overbearing, a bitch, shallow—but the woman knows what she’s doing, what she wants and how to keep herself and her kids (and their kids) on top. They said it right: The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.


Turning a mistake into an empire

Sure, the leak of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape wasn’t exactly ideal, but Kris made it work. And unlike sex tapes that come and go, Kris knew that Kim’s could propel her into the limelight with a little bit more work. So they put in the hours and bing, bang, boom, Kim became and remains one of the world’s biggest stars.


And turning one face into multiple multi-million dollar careers

The “famous for being famous” claim against the family might have been built on Kim’s image at the start, but the Kardashian-Jenners have come a long way since then. Each child is managed by Kris and each child is standing on multi-million dollar net worths—and this isn’t an easy thing to do.




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The Kardashians changed their image and solidified their status in Hollywood. Each one is amazing at keeping themselves relevant. Now all of them and their children are set for life. Really, Kylie’s 3-month-old Stormi probably has more money than most of us will see in a lifetime.


Knowing that a happy family is a happy business

Time and time again, Kris has told each of her children that they are her favorite. One week it’s Kim, the next it’s Kylie, the next it’s Kendall. And while mothers really shouldn’t have favorites and Kris’ tactic is one that many others have used, we know this ultimate momager is simply keeping her clients (ahem, kids) happy.


She’s getting trademarked

Most of us already mix up “Kris Jenner” and “momager” on a daily basis, right? But this 62-year-old actually trademarked the term in case there's any confusion anyway.


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Jokes aside, Kris is first and foremost a mother. Sure, she’s not traditional and her methods may surprise and confuse most people, but she loves her kids. She’s proud of what they do and she will stick up for them no matter what. Time and time again, she has proven herself the lioness that will stick her neck out and bite back at whoever threatens her cubs. We’ve seen her do it and we don’t doubt she will continue to do so.


Sometimes it isn’t just about the money, the fame and the free things (it’s only a little multi-million dollar part of it). Sometimes you’re just a mother, standing in front of the world, asking it to be a little nicer to your kids.



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