KROMA Entertainment Is Bringing Complex To The Philippines

KROMA Entertainment Is Bringing Complex To The Philippines

Complex 🤝 KROMA Entertainment



The eagle has landed—or is at least making its sweet descent. After years of reading, watching and consuming the content of Complex from our humble shores, the digital giant is finally coming to the Philippines, thanks to its partnership with KROMA Entertainment.


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Complex Networks, which was recently acquired by Buzzfeed Inc., holds a strong library of content that the Philippines is no stranger to. Its portfolio of IPs touch on the key categories of fashion, food, music and general pop culture. And all of this is getting a local facelift, as KROMA Publishing (whose own publishing network includes Wonder and FreebieMNL, as well as partner communities LunchboxerPH, PinoyGamer and TNC PRO ML) brings us Complex PH in Q4 of this year.



“We are very proud to collaborate with Complex in a partnership that will expand their unique voice, content and other movements to the Philippines through the KROMA ecosystem of platforms,” says Ian Monsod, CEO of Kroma Entertainment, Inc. “KROMA is all about elevating Filipino talent and content on the world stage and giving Filipino audiences new ways to access world-class entertainment. Working with a leading global youth brand like Complex, under media and entertainment giant BuzzFeed, is aligned with this goal.”

Meanwhile, Nick Wang, SVP of International Business Development and Partnerships at BuzzFeed Inc. had this to say: “Complex has always been authentic in our voice, to the cultures we represent, and the topics we cover. With KROMA, we're excited to represent and speak to these cultures and topics, which transcend borders and are just as important in the Philippines, but authentically from the Filipino perspective.”



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We can’t tell you what’s in store—yet. For right now, let us just say: get ready for it.



Art Alexandra Lara


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