League of Legends’ Arcane is Coming and Here’s What We Can’t Wait to See!

League of Legends’ Arcane is Coming and Here’s What We Can’t Wait to See!

Riot Games’ love letter to their fans is an animated series



League of Legends has solidified itself as one of the most famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games to date, even being crowned as the most-watched esport. Since its launch by Riot Games in 2009, the League universe has expanded to multiple spin-off video games, two virtual bands named Pentakill and K/DA and a comic book collaboration with Marvel. All of these helped League expand their lore and universe to give a little more light to their champions, which are currently 155 and counting. 


Fans have been asking for a deeper dip into the League universe and its narrative. After years of waiting, Riot Games announced its collaboration with streaming platform Netflix for the launch of its animated series Arcane. It was originally announced back in 2019 as part of the game’s 10th anniversary and was supposedly slotted in for release in 2020 but had been pushed back due to the pandemic. Now, Arcane set to premiere this coming fall around the world. 


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According to Netflix, League of Legends’ Arcane will be set in the region of Piltover and underground of Zaun. The series itself will be about the past between two iconic champions, the fearsome Enforcer Vi and manic marksman Jinx, and the ominous power that breaks the two apart. With more canon content surrounding its lore, will League of Legends fans, players and theorists be getting more answers? Or will Arcane have its viewers asking more questions once it drops? Either way, here’s a handful of things we want to see.



More about Piltover and Zaun

In League lore, these two places used to be united but are now “separate, yet symbiotic societies.” Netflix described Piltover as a utopian region while Zaun was characterized as the “oppressed underground.” Both cities are harrowing opposites. One is bright and progressive, the heart of trade and culture, while the other one is the center of darkness and black markets. Now with League of Legends’ Arcane, viewers get to explore more about the history between the two cities and what ultimately drives their disparity.


But aside from the rich history between the cities, fans hope to see the appearance of champions from both regions. Some even hypothesized seeing Warwick in the trailer and the 2019 announcement video. Nonetheless, we might get to see more of the other characters that hail from both regions and how they play into the narrative.


The lowdown on Vi and Jinx

The two are rumored to be sisters, especially due to Jinx’s quote which is “You think I'm crazy?! You should see my sister.” Plus, she’s known to be obsessed with Vi as she continuously picks on the enforcer. But the past between Vi and Jinx is currently up in the air right now. Their respective backstories don’t mention much of what they are to each other. So, really, what are they!? Maybe Arcane has the answer.


Canonically, Jinx is notorious for being a manic criminal and prankster. Meanwhile, Vi is a reformed gang member who picked up a profession as a law enforcer at Piltover who tries to foil Jinx. Basing on the trailer, the two are shown a lot younger and often, together.  At least we’ll get to see a peek of their past and finally get a confirmation on their relationship and their downfall.



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The twenty-second trailer for Arcane had the famous League of Legends lore YouTuber Necrit taking a deep dive to point out the hidden Easter eggs fans missed. Even old and new fans got curious as more hypotheses spring up on Reddit fora, YouTube comments and even on the gaming side of Twitter. It’s no doubt that the hype for League of Legends’ Arcane is palpable.



Set your reminders for Arcane on Netflix now!



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