Levi’s and Reese Lansangan Team Up to Support Rising Musicians

Levi’s and Reese Lansangan Team Up to Support Rising Musicians

Join Levi’s Music Project 2021 to learn from Reese Lansangan



Music has an immeasurable power to make us move, feel and create. While we take it for granted, thanks to the vast amount of tunes and songs we hear every day, music’s influence over our lives is undeniable. A single key can bring in a wave of memories. A short chorus can help us learn about the world and an album can bring deep comfort in under an hour. If anything, music adds a special touch to our day-to-day lives.

The allure and pull of music stay, but it’s also important to make it unique and worthwhile for future listeners. With this in mind, veteran denim brand Levi’s is recognizing the power and importance of caring for young artists in each new generation. That’s why they're introducing Levi’s Music Project 2021, a program geared towards helping young musicians by equipping them with accessible music education. Levi’s further opens its doors by partnering with voice, video, and text platform Discord. Through a dedicated server, Levi’s fosters an “Always-Live” community so rising artists can learn from established and emerging musicians from across the globe.

This year, singer, songwriter and visual artist Reese Lansangan leads the local installment of Levi’s Music Project 2021.



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Reese is no stranger to bringing life to every day, especially by wielding the power of music. Armed with a guitar (actually, any instrument), she translates stories into songs. From her early days in Soundcloud to releasing her sophomore album in the middle of a pandemic, Reese continues to tell vivid narratives and teach valuable lessons through her unique lyricism. She even tries to put herself in different shoes when she sings, as heard in Playing Pretend in the Interim. May it be from casual conversations, life-changing experiences or even taking on the persona of Mall Rats, Reese finds inspiration from everywhere. 


The singer opens up about the evolution of her songs and performances. Reese's early beginnings involved more cheeky and light tracks that say it as it is. But as she learned and drew inspiration from other artists, she began to mix her feelings with fiction to strike the perfect balance between cute and light and heavy and real. 


But this growth didn't happen overnight. After all, improvements can take a lot of time, experimentation and effort. After her landmark debut album Arigato, Internet!, Reese shares that she struggled with writing songs that were of quality. Years passed before she made it to a comfortable place, but the time it took for her to grow didn’t go to waste. This long journey culminates in her second album, Time Well Spent. 


Learn more about Reese in her Behind The Stage video up ahead.



Aside from delving deep into her inspiration in her Behind The Stage interview, lucky participants can also jumpstart their musical growth by learning from Reese herself. Score a one-on-one mentorship by joining the Community Challenge of Levi’s Music Project 2021. Here’s how:

  1. Join Levi’s Music Project 2021 on Discord!
  2. Get your creativity flowing by reworking Reese Lansangan’s What Is This Feeling? Add new musical elements or a new verse—sung or rapped, your call! Just make this track your own.
  3. Submit your entry by posting it on social media from January 16 to February 6, 2022. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #LevisMusicProjectxReese!
  4. Validate your entry by visiting Levi’s Discord server and posting the link on the “SUBMIT” channel.


Reese will personally choose two lucky musicians who will get to collaborate with her in a one-to-one mentorship and win P20,000 worth of Levi’s items! Don’t forget: participants must not be signed to any label, or they will not qualify for this challenge.


What are you waiting for? The sky’s the limit to how far your musical career can go. Learn more about the craft and yourself by joining Levi’s Music Project 2021.



Learn more about Levi’s Music Project 2021 and keep tabs on Reese’s upcoming virtual performance by visiting their website.


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Photography Charles Villaruz

Final Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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