Levi’s Music Project 2022 Has Upped Its Volume In Southeast Asia

Levi’s Music Project 2022 Has Upped Its Volume In Southeast Asia

Levi’s Music Project is back



Music is a universal language. We recognize it in our everyday lives, without having to say so out loud. Much like a friend on speed-dial, we rely on our favorite songs to fill our ears when the world can be too quiet. We resonate with the lyrics that speak for us when we can’t find the right words to say. We listen to the same tunes that give us a familiar (yet unique) feeling—somewhat like coming home after some time away. When we feel inspired, we even try to turn our thoughts into our own songs to convey ourselves better.


While music is a method of expression, it’s also a means of communication; the denim brand Levi’s is proud to believe so. Scratch the disk and bring it back, as they return with the Levi’s Music Project, which is a global online community that centralizes music education between renowned and aspiring artists.



This year, the Levi’s Music Project has a key focus on supporting musicians and artists based in Southeast Asia. The brand is collaborating with 15 artists from the region to discuss the music industry through a series of topics in line with the theme INDUSTRY 101. Local artists like Juan Karlos and huhsmile, as well as Universal Music’s Manager Director Enzo Valdez, are expected to hold workshops about the trends within the music industry, too!



The 45-minute audio workshops are happening live via the Levi’s Discord channel. As the campaign exists to catalyze the music industry for young and independent Filipino musicians, the flow of connection across Southeast Asia is made easier through an interactive nature. Join in on the following workshops and get inspired by the speakers:


October 20, 2022

  • Topic: Finding Your Sound
  • Speakers: Shaykh Akbar, Cindy Gu, SonaOne, Ironboy, and A. Nayaka
  • Time: 9PM


November 3, 2022

  • Topic: Navigating Music Industry Trends and How You Can Utilize Them
  • Speakers: Enzo Valdez, Juan Karlos, and huhsmile
  • Time: 9PM


November 24, 2022

  • Topic: Bringing Music to New Age Audiences
  • Speakers: Cassandra Tan, MYRNE, and Alicia Kang
  • Time: 9PM


Let’s come together via Levi’s Music Project Discord server: to not miss a beat in the potential you hold.



Words Bianca Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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