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Watch a Film, Save a Life with Lockdown Cinema Club

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Here’s that binge-watch opportunity you were looking for



There have been a number of Twitter posts predicting how we’re going to tell future generations about the coronavirus and the crisis it brought along with it. While often swathed in a layer of good-natured comedy, it’s admittedly a little terrifying. Fear has been especially tangible. It lives in the news reports we see every day. It’s painted across our front doors and the military checkpoints outside. It thrives in the minds of those who can only wonder what tomorrow tastes like.


As elusive as hope might be in the thick of things, we’ve seen little windows of it in the efforts of volunteers who’ve come forward to protect those in their communities. One such window: Lockdown Cinema Club, an initiative by independent filmmakers to support their fellow film workers—electricians, camera grips, caretakers, clappers, utility personnel, carpenters, crowd control and the film industry’s other unsung heroes—tide the worst of the pandemic over. 


Joining forces with filmmakers from across Southeast Asia, the minds behind Lockdown Cinema Club serve up a library of short films from Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. In exchange, they have a simple request: a donation of any amount.


Here’s how it works.


Skim through their catalog of films (which features work from the likes of Lav Diaz, Jerold Tarog, Samantha Lee, Quark Henares and JP Habac, among others.) Craft your binge-list. Enjoy watching your picks, then wire your donation via Ticket2Me, GCash, BDO or BPI. Lockdown Cinema Club then pools donations and distributes them via GCash for the film workers to collect.



Give your Netflix subscription a breather. Discover more about Lockdown Cinema Club here.


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