Malasimbo Celebrates 10 Years With Its First-Ever Music Business Conference

Malasimbo Celebrates 10 Years With Its First-Ever Music Business Conference

Know how the music industry works while having a good time



Malasimbo is celebrating its 10th year with pretty much the same mission in mind: to support and elevate the Filipino music and arts scene. This year, the festival not only brings people together for some feel-good activities and music, but for a music business conference, too. Happening from Saturday, February 29 to Sunday, March 1, 2020 at the Drilon Orchidarium in La Mesa Eco Park, QC, Malasimbo will tackle topics that span artist management, touring, record labels and more to help budding artists as well as music professionals sustain themselves in the ever-evolving industry. The event also serves as a venue for people to connect, whether for casual conversations or building a serious network. Below, the who’s who of music coming to #Malasimbo2020:


Who is he: Same Cutler of The Rolling Stones

The topic: How the 60’s Fun Turned Into a Business


Who are they: Greg Lim of Heineken + Genaro Castro of Panasonic

The topic: Event Marketing in the Experiential Storytelling Era


Who is she: Kate Cudberston, manager of FKJ

The topic: Monetizing Music


Who are they: Kate Cudberston + Michael Peha, manager of Quincy Jones + Allan Silonga, manager & Booking Agent, IV of Spades

The topic: Artists Managers vs. Booking Agents


Who are they: Clem Castro of Dragonfly Collector and Orange & Lemons + Karel Honasan of Yosha + Niki Cabardo

The topic: Gigging and Touring in the Philippines


Who are they: Pat Sarabia of A&R, Offshore Records + Roslyn Pineda, General Manager of Sony Music Philippines + Ian Monsod, Managing Director of Warner Music Philippines + Mony Romana, Marketing Program Head of MINT College

The topic: The Role of Record Labels Today: Indie vs Major


Malasimbo Celebrates 10 Years With Its First-Ever Music Business Conference


Who are they: Mony Romana + Bianca Orensiana, Label Manager of Believe Digital

The topic: Marketing and Distribution together 


Who are they: Brian Perley, International IP Lawyer + Mony Romana

The topic: Royalties, Publishers and Collection Societies 


Who is she: Reese Lansangan

The topic: Creating an original sound and a brand


Who are they: Nicolas Dupuis of Anomalie + Mike Love and Lachlan Mitchell of Laneous 

The topic: Songwriting vs Performance vs Music Production


Who are they: The Reflex 

The topic: The Art of the Remix & DJ culture



Now, who’s ready for some #MalasimboMagic?


Tickets for Malasimbo 2020 are still available. Full-day pass is at P4,500, two-day passes are at P8,000, a one-day pass is at P2,000, and a one-night pass is at P2,500. For updates about the event, follow Malasimbo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Art Alexandra Lara

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