Manila Street Side Welcomes You To Hypebeast Culture

Manila Street Side Welcomes You To Hypebeast Culture

Getting up close and personal with the ones who know it best



The term hypebeast isn’t a local exclusive we own here in the Philippines, but we have put our own spin on things. Internationally, it is used to describe someone who is extremely passionate about fashion and will do what they can to dress up in the latest hype (usually in street wear). But right here at home, that term has gotten a negative connotation.


Teenagers and kids who walk the streets and malls decked out in logo tees, ripped jeans, masks and larger-than-life sneakers are sneered at. They’re talked about online, called a sickness and generally bashed for being themselves—and riding a hype that thousands of others do.


Manila Street Side is Wonder’s exclusive look inside this culture and these are the first two episodes.


Manila Street Side: Hypebeast


Who is hypebeast? What is hypebeast? Here, we speak with individuals from across the street style spectrum, from the who’s-who on-ground and the stylist behind the looks of Vice Ganda and Iñigo Pascual.


Learn from the misunderstood and the learned.


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Manila Street Side: Custom Hype


The wares of Gucci, Supreme and Off White aren’t exactly the most affordable, yet you see their designs and names on everyone from a kid at a public park to red carpet-goers. Here, we explore the counterfeit side of style by speaking with groups that take inspiration from big names and take these designs quite literally into their own hands.


And maybe more importantly, how do brands (even local ones) feel about being copied so outlandishly?



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There’s more to hypebeast culture than meets that eye. Stay tuned to Wonder to see more of Manila Street Side.



Art Alexandra Lara

Line Producer Joma Labayen

Director Kiko Meily

Cinematographer Jay Mitra

Associate Producer Charm Garcia

Art Director Jeff Corpuz

Creative Producer Jeps Gallon

Make up Artist Liz Cachuela

Editor Chad Solis

Production Staff Rolando Olimos, Rocky Labayen, Aleksa Meily


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