We’re Excited For Men In Black: International & You Should Be Too

We’re Excited For Men In Black: International & You Should Be Too

Men In Black: International brings the franchise to the 21st century



Before Pacific Rim and Avatar, there was Men In Black—and anyone born before 1995 knows what kind of impact it had on pop culture. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith were a comedy match made in heaven. Frank the sassy pug was a sidekick no one knew anyone needed (except, you know, the creators). Those Worm Guys were tactless and yet the franchise would be unimaginable without them.


It was, as we can clearly see now, a movie of odds and ends that were put together with alien gunk. So it’s been a long ride for us, ladies and gents, but we need to get ready for the next chapter: Men In Black: International.



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Chris Hemsworth + Tessa Thompson (+ Emma Thompson + Liam Neeson, obviously)

Might be said to death at this point, but Thor and Valkyrie are back on screen, this time suited up to more modern times as Agents H and M, respectively. Now, there shouldn’t be any question to the chemistry of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson at this point, especially when they’re kicking ass—universal ass, no less. Also, Agent H was described as “one of the best agents to ever wear [that] suit,” so. Enough said.


But the cast also includes Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson, more veteran actors that have proven themselves over and over again. Besides, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson in suits? Let us paint a picture:



A Franchise Without Its Roots

The Men In Black franchise as we know it was heavily built on the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It was a newbie coming to work with a veteran, someone that’s seen the good and bad that comes with working undercover and erasing people’s memories.


The thing is, Men In Black: International can’t rely on either of these actors; they’re nowhere to be seen. Unless you count some memorabilia, that is.


We’re Excited For Men In Black: International & You Should Be Too


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And if you ask us, these posters (painting?) depicting the epic battles of Agents K and J only mean they’re considered legends—meaning retired—in this next chapter.


Yes, there’s definitely still a lot to leverage on. There’s material in the suits, the neuralizer that erases people’s memories, the sunnies, the Worm Guys, the machinery… but will they be enough?


The Timeline

The legendary status of Agent K and Agent J likely means that our next look at the MIB is far off into the future. And with these years behind the organization, we wouldn’t be too naive to expect some amazing developments come out of their white walls. Besides, the premise of the film is a murder mystery that takes our new agents on a mission around the globe.


What are we going to see? Probably a massive plane decked out with guns and lasers, and flown by a pilot Worm Guy. Maybe their suits can now withstand fire or explosions or can automatically clean itself of alien gunk.


The Nostalgic Hits

Yes, it was just said that Men In Black: International will bring us a new age of the franchise, but we’re expecting some major Easter eggs that take us back to 1997, 2002 and—sure, why not?—2012.


An Action Throwback

Call us ungrateful, but it seems like most action movies released right now tend to tether around the realm of too-serious. The world is always being attacked and the timer is always ticking by and there’s never any time for jokes anymore. There’s no breathing room that actually doesn’t let you breathe because you’re laughing your ass off; it’s always the start of a new day that releases the tension in the theater.


Well, we’re hoping this one brings back the comedy + action mix of yore.


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Men In Black: International is slated for a June 14, 2019 premiere in the United States. That’s a Friday, so hopefully our cinemas start showing the film on the following Wednesday—or maybe even earlier.



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