Is It Normal For Men To Wear Makeup?

Is It Normal For Men To Wear Makeup?

Because beauty is for everyone, Men makeup is for real!



Other than the gorgeous men that makeup K-Pop’s biggest boy groups, it’s only fairly recently that we started to see men from different parts of the world play with cosmetics. Sure it’s nothing new that guys have dipped their fingers into concealer pots to hide a pimple or swipe on tinted Chapstick for some color and hydration. But seeing men rock a cat-eye, false lashes and overdrawn lips paired with a handsome beard is something else. As Queer Eye’s Jonathan might say:


It’s giving us excitement.


Giving us inclusivity.


It’s giving us so much life.


Because if you think about it, beauty isn’t just for women men makeup are a thing. There is room at the table for anyone and everyone interested to learn, create and experiment with makeup, skincare, or beauty in general. And we love that the industry is just as receptive and open to change.


Manny Gutierrez

On Manny’s IG bio, it says, “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition??” and with perfectly shaped brows and sharply lined eyes like his, how could anyone possibly disagree? His incredible makeup know-how aside, Manny also talks about mental illness and his family’s anti-LGBT past in his vlog, too.


Angel Merino

Angel Merino is indeed beautiful—with or without highlighted cheekbones. What we’re more impressed with though is his story; his health and fitness journey that helped him overcome his weight issues, and the struggles he faced and conquered to build his very own cosmetics brand, Artist Couture. He shares all these with his followers along with his everyday makeup routine.


James Charles

James may be a kid, but his amazingly deft hand paired with the right blending brushes is just magic. So it’s no surprise that he became the face and first-ever male ambassador of Covergirl, and is among the youngest industry leaders in the business. His inspiration? His very supportive dad who taught him everything he knows.


Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel Zamora is an advocate of fun, playful beauty. Think pink and teal-colored eyes, shimmery lips, and exaggerated blush. Here’s our favorite quote of his: “Why be other people's definition of beautiful when it will attract the wrong people? Be your own form of beautiful and make sure you're happy ?”


Kevin Kodra

Kevin, an 18-year-old Toronto native, is all about perfect cheekbones and pushing the beauty envelope further. But by the latter, we don’t just mean evening glam but the conceptual, sometimes out-there type of beauty looks that you’d see in editorials or maybe even in an art gallery.



Laviedunprince pretty much covers the full monty in beauty, from non-basic makeup to teeth whitening and illuminating skincare—all rendered in pretty of course.


Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is a beauty influencer favorite not just for his expertise with the most colorful eyeshadow palettes or complicated contouring kits but also his whateva-will-make-you-laugh-out-loud humor.


Paolo Ballesteros

You can’t live in the Philippines and not know who Paolo Ballesteros is. He’s made a name for himself here and abroad for recreating the faces of beautiful women as well as their most iconic looks. He’s served us Miss France Universe, Emma Watson, Wonder Woman and we’re looking forward to more.



Whatever beauty looks like for you, live and let live, glitter beards and all.



Art Alexandra Lara

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